⚖️ Beijing Prosecutors Sue Tencent

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Beijing Prosecutors Sue Tencent

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The ‘youth mode’ on Tencent’s WeChat app goes against the laws protecting minors. At least, that’s what the authorities in China are suing Tencent over. Yet, the lawsuit does not clarify how the youth mode is violative of the laws.

Schematically, the function of the youth mode in WeChat is to restrict young users’ access to mobile payments, certain games, and more.

A state-owned Chinese newspaper article had referred to online games as ‘opium for the mind’, a few days back.

The article had specifically referred to a Tencent game, titled Honor of Kings. Tencent has already declared to place restrictions on how long players under 18 can play the game daily.

Experts believe that the lawsuit is part of the Chinese government’s ongoing crackdown on the largest companies in the recent past.

Mossad Seeks to Hire a Crypto Expert

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Mossad is the state of Israel’s national intelligence agency. Currently, it is looking for a crypto expert, who has at least three years of experience in the financial technology space.

The requirements go deeper and ask for expertise in e-commerce, DEF, and digital currencies.

Ynet, a well-known Israeli news site, speculates that Mossad might be interested in making payments in crypto to its agents and for the purchase of equipment.

However, recent events suggest that Mossad’s interest in cryptocurrencies is not for its organizational use alone.

Mossad would also use its cryptocurrency knowledge to neutralize its enemies, like Hamas.

In July, Benn Ganz, the Israeli defense minister, had signed an order authorizing the national forces to seize cryptocurrency accounts believed to be tied to Hamas’ militant wing.

An ICD-ICT report published in 2020 provides credence to such speculations showing that wallets allegedly linked to Hamas and the Iran-affiliated al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades had been successful in raising almost 3,370 BTC over a four-year period.

India’s Education and Upskilling Startup UpGrad Becomes a Unicorn

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After completing a $185 million funding round, UpGrad, an Indian startup specializing in higher education and upskilling courses, has crossed the mark of $1billion valuation to enter into the club of unicorns.

The funding round was led by Singapore’s Temasek, while the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and the IIFL also participated in it.

Positioned as India’s largest online higher education company, UpGrad, a six-year-old company co-founded by Ronnie Screwvala, is now keen to expand to international markets.

It has over 100 courses in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, finance, programming, and law in collaboration with universities such as Michigan State University, Swiss School of Business Management, Geneva, etc.

The platform reportedly has more than 62,000 paid students, who have subscribed for courses that cost between $3,300 and $6,750 and run for six months to two years.

Screwvala plans to invest these freshly infused funds in exploring merger and acquisition opportunities.

‘It’s Not a Goodbye, Just a Later’, Lionel Messi Becomes Emotional Leaving Barcelona

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After his 17-years stint with Barcelona, during which he won 35 trophies and scored 672 goals in 778 games, Argentinian football legend Lionel Messi has decided to part ways with Barcelona.

Before departure, along with a press meet, Messi also posted a message on his social media handle that had the phrase, as mentioned in the header, in its conclusion.

Messi, the 34 years old forward has been a free agent since July 1 this year when his contract with the club expired.


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