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A Coalition of State Attorney Generals File an Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

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Google, the search engine giant, faces another antitrust lawsuit over its Google Playstore fees. The antitrust lawsuit against Google was filed by a coalition of state attorney generals, as they believed that Google is abusing its ownership over the Android app store.

What’s the Lawsuit all About?

The antitrust lawsuit against Google was filed over its 30% commission that the search engine takes on every sale that the Android apps on Google Playstore generate. The lawsuit was filed in California federal court by 36 states and Washington, DC.

Recently, the scope of the fees was expanded to encompass even more digital goods on the Play Store. With this step, Google is targeting the apps that have so far dogged from paying commissions to Google.

Responding to the lawsuit, Google wrote in a blog post, “it’s strange that a group of state attorney generals chose to file a lawsuit attacking a system that provides more openness and choice than others.” Google also mentioned, “this complaint mimics a similarly meritless lawsuit filed by the large app developer Epic Games, which has benefitted from Android’s openness by distributing its Fortnite app outside of Google Play.”

Google vs. Epic Games

Google faced a similar lawsuit in August this year when Epic Games, the Fortnight developer, sued Google. We found that Epic Games has mentioned that Google’s practices have led to an increase in prices for online consumers. But this time, we believe that the lawsuit against Google will have far more weightage. After all, this lawsuit was filed by the state attorney’s general.

Land a job by Sending a Resume to Brands on TikTok Directly!

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We know what you are thinking after reading the headline of this news. Is TikTok mimicking LinkedIn here? Well, it definitely seems so! TikTok is adding a small twist by adding a LinkedIn feature to its video-based social media platform.

With the launch of this pilot program, TikTokers can send their resumes to participating brands directly from TikTok. The brands involved in this pilot program are WWE, Shopify, Meredith, NASCAR, and Chipotle.

What Will Applying for Jobs Look Like?

TikTokers can create videos and show their skills creatively. Once they have made a creative video, all they need to do is use the hashtag #TikTokResumes. As for why TikTok is launching such a pilot program, we believe that TikTok wants to connect brands and creators on their platform.

The pilot program from TikTok is one of their initiatives to build a strong relationship between brands and creators. It will compel both brands and creators to spend more time and money on TikTok.

Commenting on TikTok’s pilot program, Nick Tran, TikTok Global Head of Marketing, said:

“#CareerTok is already a thriving subculture on the platform and we can’t wait to see how the community embraces TikTok Resumes and helps to reimagine recruiting and job discovery.”

Anyone who wants to know more about this pilot program can head over to tiktokresumes.com, a standalone website that TikTok has made for the pilot program. TikTokers can also discover the new pilot program through dedicated hashtags. The pilot program is open till July 31.

After Remaining Bootstrapped for 18 Years, Entrata Raises Over $500 Million

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Eighteen years is a long time! Isn’t it? It is impressive that a company continued operating without raising any external funding for so long. That’s what Entrata, the company behind a property management software, has done. But, it seems Entrata had a change of plans, as now the company has successfully raised $507 million.

New CEO in House

Entrata founders plan to use the funds to break into the global software business, and they have also got a new CEO to support the company in their ambitious plans. Adam Edmunds, the former president of Podium, is the new CEO of Entrata.

It seems that Edmunds has already worked with Dave Bateman (Entrata Founder) in the initial days of Entrata as a college intern. He said, “I worked for Dave for about three months, and he told me I was better off going to be an entrepreneur.”

The Valuation

While Entrata did not disclose anything about the company’s valuation, we found that Utah-based Entrata raised over $500 million from a group of investors. It includes the family offices of Ryan Smith, the co-founder of Qualtrics, along with Silver Lake, Todd Pedersen, the cofounder of Vivint, among others.

The majority ownership of Entrata remains with Dave Bateman, the cofounder of the company.

It means that Entrata’s valuation is over $1 billion.

Housing Shortage Will Continue for Years, Says Taylor Morrison CEO

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The CEO of Taylor Morrison, Sheryl Parmer, believes that the housing situation will continue, as it is for many years. Sheryl said, “the lack of supply and the overwhelming demand is something that will be with us for years to come.”

Pandemic Made Matters Worse

The pandemic’s impact turned out to be a positive one when it comes to the home prices in the United States. Amid spreading coronavirus, there was a sharp uptick in home prices in the country. It was further exacerbated by the low inventory of homes available for sale. First-time home buyers are vulnerable and are specifically susceptible to an increase in home prices.

The housing inventory situation began deteriorating from the 2008 housing crisis. As per a recent report from the National Association of Realtors, there is a gap of 5.5 million to 6.8 million housing units between the demand and availability of housing units.

Crypto.com Becomes Official Sponsor of UFC

(Image Source)

Crypto.com is setting an example when it comes to inking partnerships with world-famous brands. After becoming an official sponsor of Formula 1, Crypto.com has announced that they are now the official sponsor of Ultimate Fighting Championship, a popular organization in the global mixed martial arts space.

Announcing on Wednesday, UFC said that they agreed to a fight-kit partnership with Crypto.com. Neither UFC nor Crypto.com disclosed any details about the worth of the sponsorship. But, as per CNBC, the sponsorship deal will last for the next ten years, and it is worth $175 million.

Under their partnership, athletes competing in UFC tournaments will wear fight kit items with Crypto.com branding. Their agreement also expands to the training staff involved, which means that the training staff, too, will have to wear clothes with Crypto.com branding.

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