⚖️ Superior Court Rules California’s Prop 22 Unconstitutional

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Superior Court Rules California’s Prop 22 Unconstitutional

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The ruling was passed by Frank Roesch, a superior court judge in Alameda County. Alameda County’s jurisdiction encompassed Oakland, Berkeley and much of the East Bay.

The ruling said that the law would limit ‘the power of a future legislature’ to define the employment status of gig workers.

Filed by the SEIU, or the Service Employees International Union, the ruling will further be contested for sure.

California’s Proposition 22 was passed in 2020. Since then, the proposition has remained the main point of contention in a tough fought legal battle between companies that heavily rely on gig workers, such as Uber and DoorDash, and workers’ unions and advocates representing their cause.

The debate revolves around the legal distinction between a freelancer and an employee to carve out clear contours for up to what extent companies are responsible for their workers’ care and benefits.

Uber, Lyft and similar gig-economy companies have so far spent more than $200 million to push Prop 22 to a victory last year when the state’s voters passed the proposition by the margin of 59% to 41%.

The ruling of the superior court found that it was violative of the state’s constitution.

Odiggo Raises $2.2 Million Funding

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Odiggo is an Egypt and Dubai-based auto tech startup.

It addresses the issues that are inherent to the traditional car servicing workflow, which is usually a time-consuming, expensive and painstaking process.

Launched in 2019, by Ahmed Omar and Ahmed Nasser, Odiggo helps car owners by getting them the help they need in finding car services and parts suppliers. At the end of the spectrum, it helps suppliers increase their sales and reach more customers without them having to spend on marketing.

Odiggo was a part of the Y Combinator’s YC Summer Batch. It secured the $2.2 million funding before it reached its Demo Day.

The investors included Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Plug and Play Ventures, and regional VCs like Seedra Ventures, LoftyInc Capital and the CEO of Volta-Tucks Essa Al-Saleh.

Japanese Crypto Exchange Hacker Starts Taking Steps to Cover Tracks

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The Japanese crypto exchange Liquid was hacked for an estimated $90 million.

The hacker is now taking steps to cover their tracks.

According to the public blockchain data available from the review of Etherscan block explorer, more than 6,000 ETH ($19.7 million) was sent to Tornado.cash.

Tornado.cash is a non-custodial mixer for Ether and ERC20 tokens.

The users of Tornado.cash can obfuscate their transactions by mixing their crypto assets with the coins of others.

The Etherscan data also shows that nearly 9,319 ETH, worth $30 million, is still there in the hacker’s wallet.

Two exchanges have already frozen their funds that were deposited from the alleged addresses of the thieves.

While disclosing the breach, Liquid had tweeted citing several wallets that it believed were used to siphon out funds in Bitcoin, Ether, Tron, XRP and several other ERC20 tokens.

As a response to the hack, Liquid has updated the exchange’s wallet infrastructure and started migrating users’ funds to new secure wallets.

Facebook Introduces New Features Targeted at the Paralympic Games

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Facebook has introduced a new Paralympics hub to provide up-to-the-minute insights on the paralympics’ latest results, news and highlights.

The social media giant has also introduced a wide variety of tools, helping users participate in the games.

The hub will also include athlete and team profiles as well as interactive elements like games, quizzes and related posts from your connections to highlight key conversations of interest.

The hub will be available from August 23rd, accessible by tapping on the #Paralympics hashtag.


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