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MLB to Begin Testing Encrypted Wireless Communication Devices to Stop Sign Stealing

Image Source

Major League Baseball (MLB) is to begin testing an encrypted wireless communication device to replace the flash of fingers with button taps.

PitchCom, a startup, has devised the equipment that includes one wristband transmitter for the catcher.

It will have nine signalling buttons that will signal the desired pitch and location, sending an encrypted audio signal to the receivers.

The receivers will leverage bone-conduction technology and can be fitted into a pitcher’s cap and a catcher’s helmet.

MLB, hopeful about the utility value of the device, will start by testing it in the Low-A West minor league first.

It was also tested during sessions during MLB spring training.

The feedback from all those who used it, including players, coaches and the front office staff, was positive.

MLB believes that the use of this device will be instrumental in reducing sign-stealing risk in the long run.

It will also improve the pace of play, MLB thinks.

43% of Singaporeans Are Crypto Owners Now, Says Survey

Image Source

Independent Reserve, an Asia-Pacific based cryptocurrency exchange, has conducted a survey on the nature and scale of cryptocurrency adoption in Singapore.

The survey result showed a growing inclination among Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, to leverage the potential of crypto assets.

The survey, conducted among a sample size of 1,000, including Singaporeans of all gender, age and location, revealed that 43% of the surveyed respondents own cryptocurrency assets.

46% of the surveyed population have plans to buy digital assets in the next year.

In the age group of 26 to 45, the percentage share of cryptocurrency owners was as high as 66%.

Among the age group of 26 to 35, 75% of the respondents believe that cryptocurrencies are up for wide acceptance by businesses and individuals.

Overall, 93% of the surveyed respondents have heard of Bitcoin.

While 40% of these respondents see BTC as an investment asset, 25% believe it to be a store of value.

While talking about the outcomes of the survey, Adrian Przelony, the CEO of Independent Reserve, termed Singapore as Asia’s “key hub” that has well-regulated financial markets infrastructure and is open to new technologies.

Instagram Allows Users Control Over How Much Sensitive Content They Would See and Explore

Image Source

Instagram is becoming more personalized by allowing its users the ability to limit the volume of sensitive content they see or explore on the platform.

Instagram has named this feature Sensitive Content Control.

It will be available in the settings menu on the upper right-hand corner of the user profile.

Users can keep the feature either at its default mode, that is “Limit”, or choose the option “Allow” to see more or “Limit Even More” to see less.

The Allow option will be available only for users who are over 18 years of age.

Instagram has always been prohibitive of content that can be categorized as hate speech or can bully or present a risk of harm to people.

In its efforts, the platform had earlier introduced features like turning off comments or restricting other users’ interaction with them.

The US is Treating China Like Its Imaginary Enemy, Believes Chinese Vice Foreign Minister

Image Source

Some people in the United States seeing China as their “imaginary enemy” are causing a rift in the US-China relations, believes Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng.

Feng expressed his opinion during his meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

Sherman has been in the city of Tianjin as a part of the ongoing US efforts to “advance US interests and values and to responsibly manage the relationship” by holding candid exchanges.

Xie Feng has categorically indicated the US’s opportunistic handling of relations with China. Feng believes that the US only demands “cooperation when it wants something from China.”

At other times, when the US thinks that it has a competitive advantage, the country resorts to cutting off supplies, blockading or sanctioning China, “resorting to conflict and confrontation at all costs.”

The US authorities are yet to issue an official statement on the meeting between Sherman and Feng and Feng’s accusations therein.

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