? Apple Enhances Its List of DJ Mixes With Shazam-Powered Features

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Apple Enhances Its List of DJ Mixes With Shazam-Powered Features

Apple acquired Shazam tech in 2018. Improving Shazam’s features and collaborating with diverse labels, Apple Music has now come up with tools that can identify and compensate creators, promoters, and labels.

It has also created several UX features as subscribers would now be able to see the individual tracks’ names and skip songs within the mix. Most mixes would have lossless audio and will be up for viewing offline through their library.

Apple Music’s fingerprint ID technology can tell you the name of the song playing in the mall, the festival it is from and identify the DJ who has mixed it. It can also pick out different sounds that are blended together.

It also comes with a Dj mixes genre page within the app itself. This feature has helped audience engagement surge to unprecedented levels, with the number of DJ mix streams going above 300 million so far.

In the days to come, Apple Music is expected to offer more additional content on the service as it is commissioning more mixes and working closely with DJs.

Backend-as-a-Service Startup Supabase Raises $30 Million

Often termed as an open-source alternative to Google’s Firebase, Supabase is a collection of tools helping developers quickly build projects. To achieve speed, Supabase handles a host of behind-the-scenes work and wiring.

It is a free tool for those who want to use it for hobby projects. You can also test it for free. It starts you charging a fee when you move into bigger databases and larger data backup projects. The price starts at $25 per project per month.

Before this $30 million raise, the company had a $6 million round in December of last year. This round was led by Coatue.

Other investors who participated in the funding included GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner, PagerDuty co-founder Alex Solomon and Docker co-founder Solomon Hykes.

Supabase works with a remote employee base of 24 people.

Twitter Tests Labels for Bot Accounts

Twitter has started to roll out labels for automated accounts, also known as bot accounts.

Examples of these bot accounts include automated vaccine appointment finders, disaster early warning systems, etc.

During the initial roll-out, a limited number of developers have been invited to apply the labels to their accounts.

Yet, as per Twitter’s plans, all developers will be able to access these labels by the end of this year.

27% in the US Supports Bitcoin as Legal Tender

As per results obtained from a poll conducted by a well-known research and data analytics firm (YouGov), 27% of US residents support the government recognizing Bitcoin as legal tender. However, there is a difference between how this 27% of the population sees and supports the move.

While 11% “strongly support” the idea, the rest of the 16% is in somewhat support of the notion.

More Democrats are in support of the move compared to the Republicans. While 29% of the Democrats were in strong or moderate support of the idea, for Republicans, the number was 26%.

On the other hand, 44% of the 25–34-year-old population were in support of Bitcoin, the idea only had 11% support from those belonging to the 55+ age group.

Also, respondents earning more than $80,000 annually are twice as likely to support Bitcoin as legal tender (21%) than those who earn less than $40,000 (11%).


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