? Reddit Introduces Video Feed on iOS

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Reddit Introduces Video Feed on iOS

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Reddit has started rolling out a TikTok-like video feed, pulling content from subreddits you follow and some from subreddits you don’t.

Users who’ve already experienced this feature find it similar to how TikTok works. It offers the user a vertical, perpetual list of videos featuring content from the Reddit universe.

You can interact with this video feed by upvoting, downvoting, commenting, awarding, and sharing. Awards happen using Reddit’s in-app currency that you can use to purchase medals and reactions.

It is not the first time Reddit has shown its inclination towards leveraging videos and deep rooting them in their UX. Earlier, it had acquired Dubsmash, a creative video app.

Google Infringes Sonos Patents

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Charles Bullock, the chief administrative law judge of the United States International Trade Commission, has issued a ruling indicating Google for infringing five patents that belong to Sonos, a company into smart speakers and related technology.

The judge found Google violating a 1930s federal tariff law known as Smoot-Hawley. The law aims at preventing unfair competition.

While Google has not yet issued a response, Sonos expressed its satisfaction over the ruling, saying that it “confirmed Google’s blatant infringement” and helped Sonos in its efforts to defend its technology against alleged efforts of misappropriation by larger rivals.

The market responded positively to the ruling as the shares of Sonos went up by 11.4% during after-hours trading.

This particular feud between Google and Sonos is part of a host of litigation between the two players. Many other cases are pending in California, Texas, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

While commenting on these disputes, Google said that it was Sonos that had been repeatedly seeking help during their years of partnership to which Google eventually agreed and incorporated Sonos products into its Play Music service and Google Assistant software.

Sonos, based in Santa Barbara, California, has also leveraged Google’s voice assistant technology.

Twitter is Making Contrast Changes on All Its Buttons

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Twitter is changing the contrast of all its buttons, making them appear easier on the eyes.

This decision to alter the button contrasts followed Twitter receiving user feedback on its design updates earlier this week.

After the new design modifications, users had reported eye strain, headaches and migraines, caused by the higher visual contrast in the button and link colors and the new font, Chirp.

High contrast often proves beneficial for people with low vision, while it can also cause pain to people sensitive to low colours or light.

Twitter also has the provision for toggling between its accessibility menu for settings. Users can increase colour contrast, choose between light and dark themes, scale text sizes, and more.

Kiddom Raises $35 million Series-C Funding

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Kiddom is a platform that offers a digital curriculum catering to the core standards required by states.

The 35 million series-c funding round was led by Altos Ventures. Other investors to back Altos included Owl Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Outcomes Collective.

The last funding received by Kiddom was three years back when Owl ventures infused $15 million into the platform.

The offerings of Kiddom as a platform come in two distinct segments. The first segment is where Kiddom assists schools integrate all their different platforms into a single interface.

This interface then helps track student utilization and achievement. The next offering is the one for which Kiddom is more well-known in the market.

Kiddom has developed this offering over a substantial period, a digital curriculum fitting in with Common Core.

Common Core is a set of math and English academic standards for students to learn on a grade by grade level.

Kiddom believes that its growth numbers stand testimony to its benefits. Between 2020 and 2021, the growth in Kiddom’s annual recurring revenue was 300%, and in 70% of schools, the product was used by at least one teacher.

Kiddom infuses most of its funding into the research and development of its enterprise product.


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