? New LinkedIn Study Shows Which Cities in The US Lead Crypto Hires

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New LinkedIn Study Shows Which Cities in The US Lead Crypto Hires

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According to a study conducted by LinkedIn for Bloomberg, there is not a single hub for crypto or blockchain specialists in the United States. As the crypto and blockchain world stands at an intersection of finance and technology, it was reported that cities like New York, San Francisco led the way. They were followed by cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.

When adjusted for population, it became crystal clear that medium-sized cities had more impact on the crypto world & hires. For every 100,000 LinkedIn members in mid-size cities there are 2-3 new crypto hires, however this number syncs up with much larger cities, like New York, for example, that has the same amount of crypto hires per 100,000 people. With ratios being equal, similar amounts of crypto hires in much smaller urban centers is impressive, as these medium-sized cities are punching above their weight class and keeping up with cities like NYC and SF.

E-scooter Startup Lime Raises $523 Million as it Prepares to go Public

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Lime, has raised $523 million in convertible debt and term loan financing that will help it build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free.

The most recent funding round of Lime was oversubscribed. Of the total funding amount, $418 million comprises convertible debt led by Abu Dhabi Growth Fund, Fidelity Management & Research, Uber, and certain funds managed by Highbridge Capital Management.

The debt will get converted into shares automatically when Lime goes public. In addition, Lime also received a $105 million secured term loan from a private equity group at UBS O’Connor.

Founded in 2017, Lime is a U.S-based startup helping people move around their cities affordably and conveniently while eliminating their carbon footprint.

With the new funding, Lime will invest in its decarbonization efforts to bring Gen4 electric bikes and scooters to more cities globally and extend access to more communities in need of sustainable transportation options.

In addition, the startup will use the funds to double down on its existing city permits, deepening its relationships in the markets in which it already resides.

Google Removes ‘Your News Update’ Feature From Its Assistant

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Tech giant Google has removed its ‘Your News Update’ personalized audio digest feature from Assistant.

The ‘Your News Update’ feature was originally launched in 2019 with an attempt to bring the same kinds of algorithmic feeds that had been so successful on Facebook or other areas of Google’s products to audio news.

The feature was an upgrade of Assistant’s ‘play me the news’ facility with personalized audio digests.

The feature mainly relied on Google’s range of personal data to provide its users with more specific and relevant news updates. The updates were selected from a variety of partners that Google licenses news from.

As of now, Google has not given an official word as to why it has removed the feature, so it’s unsure if Google may reveal the reason for removing it.

However, Google Assistant will continue offering its original news digest option, so the users would not be left searching for alternatives if they’re ok getting the regular news from Google.

Fusion Energy Startup Helion Energy Raises $500 Million

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Helion Energy, a U.S.-based fusion energy tech startup, has raised $500 million in its Series E funding round.

The funding was led by Sam Altman, whose involvement in the company as an investor and chairman dates back to 2015.

The round also saw participation from existing investors including, Dustin Moskovitz, Mithril Capital, and Capricorn Investment Group.

Founded in 2013, Helion is a fusion energy company focused on generating zero-carbon electricity from fusion.

The company is building the world’s first fusion electricity demonstration facility by building on the successes of its latest fusion prototypes.

In June, Helion confirmed that it had become the first private fusion company to heat a fusion plasma to 100 million degrees Celsius, an important landmark on the path to commercial electricity from fusion.

Helion will use the fresh capital to complete the construction of its seventh generation fusion generator- Polaris.

The generator is expected to be the first fusion device capable of demonstrating net electricity production.

The company plans to reach this target in 2024, laying the way for future fusion power plants.

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