? Twitter Boosts Spaces by Displaying Which of Your Friends are Attending

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Twitter Boosts Spaces by Displaying Which of Your Friends are Attending

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Twitter is testing a new solution to make it easier to find Spaces that you may perhaps be interested in.

Some Android and iOS users will now see if someone they follow is attending a Space on the top of their timelines.

Twitter has already been showing Spaces in that top bar. It is the same place you might have seen Fleets before Twitter closed them down.

Previously, it solely showed Spaces from users you follow who were hosting the social audio rooms. But now, you may also see when someone you follow is tuning into one.

Earlier this month, Twitter had added another way to make Spaces more discoverable by making it easier for other apps to point to Spaces.

The social media giant is continuously iterating on the practice of being in a Space, including the ability for Spaces hosts to designate up to two co-hosts earlier this month.

Auto Industry Suffered the Most From Supply Chain Troubles During Covid Pandemic

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According to a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Citi, the automotive sector was hit the most by supply chain disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The survey covered six broad industries and included 175 supply chain managers as respondents- out of which more than 70% were based in Asia.

Findings from the report showed that around 51.7% of respondents from the auto sector indicated that the disruptions to supply had been “very significant”.

The auto industry was followed by the footwear and attire industry, with 43.3% of respondents stating “very significant” disruptions. On the other hand, only 6.7% of respondents from the IT, tech, and electronics sectors indicated the identical.

During the pandemic, the auto industry was particularly affected due to the scarcity of semiconductors, resulting in carmakers cutting down manufacturing.

The chip shortage was caused by an increase in demand for private computer systems and different consumer electronics products as many people were at home during the pandemic lockdowns.

Mining Hash Rate Triples in Two Months China’s Ban on Bitcoin Mining

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Bitcoin hash rate has recovered considerably since China’s crackdown on crypto mining in the second quarter of 2021. It has now reached 150 Exahashes, or one quintillion hashes per second.

On August 24, the metrics supplier reported a hash rate of 152 EH/s which has tripled since bottoming out at 52 EH/s on June 28 this year.

The Bitcoin mining hash rate at the moment has touched levels similar to that at the beginning of June, and if the development continues, it could hit a new all-time high within the subsequent few months.

As the hash rate has recovered, it shows that the exodus of miners from China is nearly complete. This has led to an elevated stage of difficulty in mining, with the last rise of around 7% taking place on August 13. The present estimate is for a 12.37% difficulty increase.

Though the migrating operations were shut down in June and July, miners in operating countries such as the United States made huge earnings as a result of a decrease in mining difficulty.

Foodtech Startup Ai Palette Raises $4.4M for Trend-Predicting Technology

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Ai Palette has raised $4.4 million in its Series A round. The funding was co-led by Pi Ventures and Exfinity Ventures, with participation from Anthill Ventures. Existing investors AgFunder and Decacorn also participated in the funding round.

The company, which uses artificial intelligence to predict trends for food and beverage companies, has raised over $5.5 million so far, including the latest round.

The use of AI and machine learning can help identify trends early and speed up the R&D process. In turn, this can help food companies bring their product to market faster.

Demand for Ai Palette’s solution grew through the pandemic, and the company expects this demand will rise as the consumer goods sector accelerates digital transformation and AI adoption.

The food-tech startup will use the new capital to expand platform capabilities, recruit new data science and engineering talent, as well as scale-up and increase its existing customer base globally.

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