? Twitter Introduces New Features to Spaces

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Twitter Introduces New Features to Spaces

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The new features include a dedicated tab and new highlight tools that would put more emphasis on Twitter audio spaces.

To improve Spaces discovery, Twitter will also ensure that each of its users gets alerts on in-progress audio chats that are relevant to that user’s specific interests.

Twitter is also testing an option that would enable Space hosts to add topic tags.

This functionality will help optimize the reach. Moreover, the platform is also making provisions via which hosts, when creating a space, will be able to add up to three topics relating to the discussion. It will help highlight that space to users interested in those subjects.

Youreka Labs Raises $8.5 Million

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The goal of Youreka Labs is to help Salesforce-based businesses build assistants.

Importantly, Youreka leverages no-code development, assumed to be the next major evolution of software development, to build these assistants.

Major research agencies predict that low-code or no-code development will empower 80% of services and products by 2024.

Through its collaboration with Salesforce, Youreka Labs helps salesforce enterprises achieve this goal.

In its latest funding round, Youreka Labs has raised $8.5 million. It was Youreka’s Series A funding and Boulder Ventures, Grotech Ventures and Salesforce Ventures led the round.

The investment follows Youreka achieving a 300% growth in 2020.

According to the Youreka CEO and former GM of IBM Cloud Platform Bill Karpovich, the new funding will help Youreka further its innovation and expand its reach.

Vietnam, India and Indonesia Emerge Leaders in Crypto Adoption

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According to a survey conducted among 42,000 people across 27 countries, Vietnam registered the highest crypto adoption rate, with 41% of the survey respondents admitting their history of crypto purchase.

21% of Vietnam respondents also said that they had purchased Bitcoin. The number was the highest among all countries that went for the survey.

The adoption rate in Vietnam did not appear unusual when compared to other Asian countries.

30% of Indonesian and Indian respondents claimed to have purchased crypto, while for Malaysia and the Philippines that figure was 29% and 28% respectively.

Many leading economies, such as the UK and the US had very low adoption rates. For the mentioned two, the rates were 8% and 9% respectively.

Along with Asia, many Latin American countries also registered strong adoption rates. For instance, 22% of the Brazilian respondents claimed to have purchased crypto.

The continent is also home to a minimum of two crypto-exchange unicorns. Experts believe a host of factors is driving the crypto-economy to prosperity in this continent.

These factors include an increased rate of inflation, stringent capital controls and a worsening fiscal outlook among others.

The Sale of McLaren F1 for $20.5 Million Becomes the Most Expensive Car Auction This Year

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The auction took place at Pebble Beach, California. The McLaren F1 fetched a whopping selling price of $20.5 million.

The sales price went substantially beyond the estimate of at least $15 million. The auction was carried out by Gooding and Co.

The auction of the car at such a high price showed that the classic car market continues to remain strong.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which is still very much there, the sales figures at the Monterey Car Week in California went up by 34%, compared to the same period of 2019, topping $210 million.

The F1 that fetched more than $20 million grabbed eyeballs also as a ‘time capsule’ car, with only 241 miles on it. It had a rare Creighton Brown finish.


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