? Twitter Makes Updates To Direct Messages

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? Twitter Makes Updates To Direct Messages

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Twitter has announced several new updates to direct message (DM) coming in the next few weeks.

The microblogging platform shared the development through its official account, announcing that users can now DM a tweet or message to 20 separate conversations.

Moreover, Twitter has also optimized DM timestamps for iOS users where they can add the date and time to each message within a DM conversation, and the messages can be grouped by day. By doing this, Twitter aims to reduce timestamp clutter.

Some more updates are coming to DMs for both Android and iOS users, where users can see a “quick scroll” button that will take them straight to the latest message, allowing them to scroll through the messages better.

Besides this, users will soon be able to access the “add reaction” buttons, not only by double-tapping but by long-pressing on a message. However, this feature is rolling out to iOS only for now.

Adobe Acquires Collaborative Video Software Maker Frame.io For $1.275 Billion

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Adobe is paying $1.275 billion in cash to acquire Frame.io, a video review and collaboration platform.

Adobe said that they tried to create their own collaboration software. However, they decided to acquire Frame.io because some of its customers were already using it in their workflows.

The acquisition aims to streamline the video production process by enabling editors and other participants to work together on projects.

In recent years, faster internet connections have raised the bar of consumer expectations, and video creation has exploded as a must-have option.

Frame.io takes the often tedious and time-consuming process of reviewing edits and sequences and makes it asynchronous and web-based, much like Google Workspace.

Additionally, Frame.io also offers integrations with popular video editing software such as Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, among others.

Acquiring the video collaboration platform will not only sweeten the deal for Adobe Creative Cloud customers; but will also strengthen Adobe’s tight hold on the creative industry as a whole.

China Passes New Personal Data Privacy Law

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China’s National People’s Congress passed a law designed to protect online user data privacy and will implement the policy from November 1.

The rules come on top of Beijing’s tight regulations, particularly around data, which may perhaps have an impact on how tech giants in China operate.

The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPL) sets out a broad set of guidelines regarding the collection, processing, and protection of data, which were previously governed by fragmentary legislation.

Under the new rules passed, state-run and private companies handling personal information will be required to reduce data collection and obtain user consent.

The data privacy law also calls for handlers of personal information to label an individual in charge of personal information protection and asks for handlers to conduct timely audits to ensure compliance with the law.

Serious violators and companies that fail to comply with the law run the risk of losing their business licenses and being forced to shut down.

Coinbase to Add Over $500M in Crypto to Current Holdings

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Crypto exchange firm Coinbase will be buying over $500 million in cryptocurrency to add to its holdings, according to a tweet from its chief executive officer Brian Armstrong.

Armstrong announced that the firm has received approval from the company board to add these assets to its balance sheet.

He wrote that the company would invest 10% of all profits in crypto moving forward.

Armstrong also indicated that he expects the percentage to keep growing over time as the crypto economy matures.

These announcements also emphasize Coinbase’s commitment to making long-term investments in the crypto sector.

In recent times, Coinbase has helped big companies like MicroStrategy and Tesla make large crypto purchases.

Companies like MicroStrategy view the move as a way to protect capital from potential inflation.

Moreover, Coinbase has amassed a cash stockpile of billions of dollars to ensure it can continue growing despite potential business risks such as regulatory crackdowns, cyberattacks, etc.

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