? A Report on Facebook’s Most-Viewed Content Has Biden, Crafts, and Spaghetti On the List

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A Report on Facebook’s Most-Viewed Content Has Biden, Crafts, and Spaghetti On the List

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A Facebook report — listing content that was viewed the most by Americans in the last quarter — includes a post from President Biden, a 5-Minute Crafts video, and discussions on whether one should put sugar on Spaghetti.

However, one should not confuse posts that are most viewed on the platform with ones that get the maximum interaction.

The most viewed post was a letter scramble, inviting users to pick out the first three meaningful words they can identify.

The second-most viewed post asked users aged over 30 to post a picture of themselves if they looked younger.

Sites like YouTube, Unicef, Spotify, and CBS News were among the domains that got the most views. The most-viewed pages included pages called “Woof Woof” and “Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.”

In percentage terms, 87.1% of content views went to posts with no likes, while 12.9% of content views went to posts with links.

RepairSmith Raises $42 Million in Series B

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RepairSmith is a startup that was launched in 2019 as a mobile auto repair service that would send a mechanic to the driver’s home.

With its presence across seven states in the country, the company has raised $42 million in funding in its latest round.

The company plans to use the newly infused funds to grow its operations in every major metropolitan area in the U.S. by the end of 2022.

Conceived at a Mercedes’ Benz incubator program, the startup itself is an entity that combines logistics with e-commerce.

Customers can book their appointments online and have a mechanic inspecting the issues from their driveway.

Depending on the supply-demand dynamics, users can have a repair mechanic at their premises in as little as one or two days.

Initially launched with the consumer market in mind, the startup is expanding its scope to B2B businesses now, including fleets, rental car agencies, and dealerships.

A little over 25% of the company’s total business now comes from its B2B clients. Technicians working in RepairSmith are considered employees of the company, rather than contractors.

Apple is Introducing Changes to Its Mail Privacy Settings

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Online privacy has always been a matter of concern for email users. A survey conducted in 2021 showed that more than 50% of the respondents were more concerned about their online privacy, compared to the levels of 2020.

Responding to this increasing rate of concern among users, Apple has now revealed its new privacy protections in its iOS 15 update, including its Mail Privacy Protection.

Owing to this feature, users of Apple’s services may now choose to hide their IP addresses, locations, and additional data from senders of emails.

It would prevent brands and businesses from fetching information on open rates and locations.

Almost 30% Jump in Tencent’s Profit

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Notwithstanding the negative impact of Beijing’s increased scrutiny of the country’s private sector, Tencent has reported a 29% surge in its Q2 profit.

Tencent is a Chinese gaming and social media giant that collected $21.3 billion in revenue in Q2 2021. It was a rise of 20% compared to the same period of the previous year. The profit was $6.6 billion.

In July, Tencent’s market value took a dip after the company scrapped its plan to acquire a music streaming player, China Music Corporation.

Altogether, Tencent has lost more than $400 billion in market value after regulators charged the industry sector it belongs to with penalties, new rules, and orders to overhaul parts of their business.


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