?‍? Microsoft Turns to Ethereum for Tackling Software Piracy

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Microsoft Turns to Ethereum for Tackling Software Piracy

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Microsoft’s Windows OS & Office productivity suite has been a crowd-puller on almost every platform hosting pirated softwares.

Reportedly, software piracy costs Microsoft billions of dollars in profits every year. Thus, Microsoft has been working tirelessly to establish anti-piracy measures to tackle software piracy.

In a research paper, the Microsoft research department, along with Carnegie Mellon University and Alibaba researchers, looked into a blockchain-based system to tackle piracy.

The title of the research paper was Argus: A Fully Transparent Incentive System for Anti-Piracy Campaigns.

Argus is the name of the system, and it is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a trustless incentive mechanism.

Describing the problem that Argus aims to solve, the research paper states:

“We see this as a distributed system problem. In the implementation, we overcome a set of unavoidable obstacles to ensure security despite full transparency.”

Honus Wagner Baseball Card Sells for $6.6 Million in an Online Auction

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Setting a new record price for baseball cards, a T206 Honus Wagner card sold for $6.6 million in an online auction that took place early Monday morning.

The card was issued between 1909 and 1911 by American Tobacco Co.

These cards are known as the T206 series of baseball cards and are considered one of the most valuable baseball cards in history.

One of these cards set a record when it was sold for $3.12 million in 2016.

The record did not last for long as it was edged out last August by a baseball card featuring Mike Trout, one of the modern-day superstars of the game. It set a new record price of $3.93 million.

In January, the Mickey Mantle rookie card set a new record by selling for $5.2 million and became the costliest baseball card ever.

But, now, a Wagner card featuring a legendary Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop, has reclaimed its position by selling for $6.6 million.

Android Users May Soon be Able to Control Their Phones With Facial Expressions

(Image Source)

As per a report from XDA Developers, Google is working on a new feature that will enable users to control their phones with facial expressions.

All Android users will have to do is smile or raise their eyebrows to control their phones.

This feature is known as the Camera Switch, and it has come with version 12 of the Accessibility Suite app of Android. It was released with the fourth beta of Android 12.

Reportedly, users will be able to access multiple controls via facial expressions. It includes quick access to settings or notifications, scrolling, or going home.

You won’t be able to access this new version of the app as it isn’t available on Google Play yet.

But if you want to try it out, you can do so via an APK that will allow you to sideload it.

BrainQ, a Company Offering Home Therapy Device for Stroke Patients, Raises $40M

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The stroke victims have to rely on their body’s repair mechanisms for rehabilitation. But compared to all other health issues arising after stroke, brain-related problems are far more difficult to treat. That’s what BrainQ aims to change.

BrainQ’s home therapy device initiates self-repair of the damaged parts of the brain through stimulation.

It has shown promising results in studies, and thus, the FDA gave BrainQ the Breakthrough Device certification.

Recently, BrainQ successfully raised $40 million to take their device to the market.

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