? Facebook is copying everyone.

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Facebook is Testing Twitter-Like Thread Feature

Is Facebook getting inspiration from Twitter? Well, at least one imminent feature of Facebook suggests so. The social media giant has been found testing a feature that helps create threads like Twitter. A user can create a new post, connecting it to a previous post on the same or a related subject.

How Does it Work?

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The benefit of a thread feature is that it helps to tie related posts visually, making it easier to follow updates. To unfurl the entire chronology of posts, Facebook will introduce a “View Post Thread” button. Tapping on the button will let you see all the threaded posts together.

Yet to officially launch, Facebook has confirmed the speculations around it, saying that it has been testing the feature with a small group of public figures. However, it has not commented whether a broader roll-out to businesses, groups, or all the public figures on the platform is on the cards.

Robust Job Growth Boosts S&P 500 and Other Indexes

The number of jobs created in the US market in June 2021 showed that the US labor market is recovering fast. This recovery inspired the S&P 500 to grow another 0.75% on Friday, reaching the mark of 4,352.34. Similar surges could be seen for Nasdaq and The Dow Jones Industrial Average. While Nasdaq recorded a 0.81% growth to hit 14,639.33 on Friday, Dow Jones closed at 34,786.35, adding 152.82 points more.

  • Weekly Growth: For the entire week, the growth registered by S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones was 1.7%, 2%, and 1%.
  • Stocks that did well: The Friday growth got significant support from leading tech stocks, including Apple, Salesforce, and Microsoft. While Apple and Microsoft had a 2% and 2.2% surge, Salesforce increased by 1.3%.
  • Factors Boosting Growth: In June 2021, 850,000 new jobs were added to the US labor market, surpassing Dow Jones’ expectation of 706,000. The increase in salaries worked as icing on the cake to the recovering job market. While hourly wages had a monthly surge of 0.3% in June, the year-on-year growth touched 3.6%.

Elon Musk Brings Underground Transit Loop to Fort Lauderdale

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On July 1st, 2021, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean J. Trantalis tweeted from his official handle about receiving a proposal from Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. The proposal expressed interest to build a transit loop underground, between downtown and the beach. The tunnel is to be named “The Las Olas Loop” and is expected to address issues on traffic congestion in the area. Although the Mayor has expressed excitement terming the proposal ‘unprecedented’ and ‘innovative’, nothing has been finalized on the deal yet.

About Elon Musk’s Involvement in Underground Tunneling

The Boring Company is Musks’ tunneling venture. The company is yet to build a substantial project portfolio. Out of the three tunnels, it has dug so far, one is a test tunnel in Los Angeles. The two other tunnels are each 0.8-mile long. Both go under the Las Vegas Convention Center. None of these two tunnels has been declared functional yet.

Other Tunneling Projects Proposed

Apart from Fort Lauderdale, The Boring Company has proposed a loop system in Miami. It will cost $30 million. While the fate of this project is not yet decided, authorities have already canceled the proposal of a 35-mile Washington DC to Baltimore Tunnel and a similar loop system proposed in Chicago.

What More Do We Know About the Fort Lauderdale Project?

What is still unknown is the proposed length of the tunnel and the total cost. According to the state law, until the completion of the process seeking to compete for innovative ideas on resolving the same challenge, specifics of any proposal are not to be made public.

Ransomware Attack May Affect Hundreds of Businesses

Recently, REvil, a criminal ransomware-as-a-service organization, carried out a massive cyber attack operation. Reportedly, the attack could potentially affect hundreds of companies. What is known for sure is that REvil conducted a supply chain attack on the IT management software provider Kaseya VSA. Anticipating the attack to take a toll on hundreds of Kaseya’s end users, Kaseya has shut down its servers and cautioned its users.

REvil most recent victim was JBS, the meat supplier. The company had to pay $11 million to get its plant back online. As for the impact of REvil’s recent attack, Kaseya believes that less than 40 of its customers were affected, while its shutting down of the SaaS servers protected 36,000. What is worrying is the possibility of Kaseya’s customer’s clients bearing the brunt of the attack, the extent of which is yet to be ascertained. According to the experts working at the law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, the ransom demand may range between $25,000 and $150,000.

Tweet to Trusted Friends Only — Twitter Considers Several New Feature

(Image Source)

The Trusted Friends feature would allow users to restrict the view of their tweets within a limited circle of chosen friends. Another feature called Facets would allow users to categorize their tweets before sending them.

A third feature might allow users to list certain phrases that they would choose not to see in their replies. Twitter is also contemplating allowing its users to follow a handle only for their tweets on a certain topic without following the handle.

The implementation of all four of these features is tentative and yet at the stages of preliminary mock-ups or reviews.

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