? Hackers Exploit vulnerabilities in FBI’s Email System to Send Fake Cybersecurity Warning Emails

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Hackers Exploit vulnerabilities in FBI’s Email System to Send Fake Cybersecurity Warning Emails

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A situation that many may find quite worrying, hackers got into the Federal Investigation Bureau’s email servers.

The incident was reported by the Spamhaus project that tracks email spamming incidents.

After hacking into the FBI’s email system, hackers sent a fake cybersecurity email to over 100,000 people.

As the email was sent from the FBI’s public-facing domain, recipients are likely to have trusted the information.

The FBI came out with a press release to inform the public & the press about the hack. They mentioned that the affected hardware has been shut off, and they are currently looking into the situation.

KPop NFT Metaverse Soon to Become a Reality, Animoca Brands is Working on it!

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Animoca Brands has some good news for KPop fans, especially the ones that are into NFTs as well.

The leading mobile gaming & blockchain company has announced that it is partnering with Cube Entertainment, a South Korean record label company, to introduce the KPop NFT multiverse.

Under the partnership announced on Thursday, both companies will launch multiple NFTs of popular South Korean actors & KPop stars associated with Cube Entertainment.

Since 2020, Animoca Brands has inked many global partnerships to launch branded NFTs & games.

For example, Animoca partnered with F1 & inked a global licensing agreement to launch the F1 Delta Time game. They also partnered with Melbourne City FC and Manchester City’s Men & Women teams in December 2020.

Snapchat & Sony Music Join Hands, Adds the Music Label’s Artists’ Music Into the Platform

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Under the partnership between Sony Music & Snapchat, Sony Music will introduce music produced by its artists into the social media platform’s sound library.

It means that Snapchat users will soon be able to use music licensed by Sony Music in their snaps. Additionally, Snapchat also announced that it is currently working on AR Music lenses.

Once the AR music lenses feature is available for use, it will enable Snapchat users to make changes to any picture in such a way as if the person in the picture is singing the song.

These sound lens will have pre-embedded songs that a user would be able to choose before transforming the pictures.

Augmented reality is one of the most popular features on Snapchat, as over 200 million users engaged with this feature on its app.

Apple Offers $30M to Settle a Lawsuit Over Unpaid Time it’s Employees Spent While Waiting for Routine Security Checkup

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The tech giant has a policy of mandatory search for employees’ bags and iPhones. A group of employees had filed a lawsuit back in 2013 against Apple over the unpaid time they had to spend while waiting for these searches.

The employees felt that even while going through the search process, they were still acting under Apple’s control. Thus, the iPhone maker must compensate them for the time they spent.

In 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that Apple violated the law by not paying for the time its employees spent to complete the routine search process.

Now, Apple has decided to settle the case and reportedly offered $30 million to the counterparties. The lawyer representing the employees has urged them to accept the sum.

Previously, a district Court ruled in Apple’s favor. But, then the case was moved to the California Supreme Court, which changed the verdict into the employees’ favor.

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