? Twitch Confirms Major Data Breach

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Twitch Confirms Major Data Breach

Popular video streaming platform Twitch said that hackers had broken into its network after reports of exposed confidential company data surfaced online.

An anonymous hacker has claimed to have leaked the data of Twitch including information related to the company’s source code, clients, and unreleased games, according to Video Games Chronicle, which first reported the news of the hack.

In a tweet, Twitch said, “We can confirm a breach has taken place. Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this. We will update the community as soon as additional information is available. Thank you for bearing with us.”

The hacker who posted the stolen data left a message claiming the motive was to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space” because the Twitch community is a disgusting toxic cesspool, according to Video Games Chronicle.

While it’s not clear how much data has been accessed, Twitch said it’s still working to understand the security breach and has asked its users to change their login credentials.

Twitter Testing Pre-Tweet Prompts That Will Notify Users Before They Dive Into a Heated Conversation

Twitter is testing a new feature that will warn users before they get into a conversation that could get intense or heated.

Making the announcement via its official Support handle, Twitter said, “Ever want to know the vibe of a conversation before you join in? We’re testing prompts on Android and iOS that give you a heads up if the convo you’re about to enter could get heated or intense. This is a work in progress as we learn how to better support healthy conversation.”

Twitter also shared screenshots to show the new prompts with examples too. “Conversations like this can be intense,” shows one example.

The second example reads “Let’s look out for each other” with three bullet points including, remember the human, facts matter, and diverse perspectives have value.

The criteria to decide which conversations would display the prompt may get changed after Twitter completes its testing phase.

The company also said that it may consider the tweet topic and the relationship between the Tweet author and replier in displaying the prompt. However, Twitter has not announced when the launch of the new feature will take place.

Insurtech Startup Getsafe Add $63 Million to Its Series B Funding

German insurtech startup Getsafe has decided to extend its Series B funding round, which was first announced in December 2020.

The startup is adding $63 million to its original Series B round of $30 million. Getsafe has raised a total of $93 million in its Series B funding round.

The latest funding round saw participation from unnamed family offices as well as from Earlybird and Abacon Capital. Existing investors CommerzVentures and Swiss Re also reinvested in the startup.

Getsafe’s initial offering was a digital-only home contents insurance policy. The startup offers its products to end-users directly via its website and app.

Over time, it has expanded to new products, such as personal liability, drone liability, dog liability, bike theft protection, and car insurance.

With the additional proceedings, the company plans to get its own insurance license. Getsafe has been working on this process for a while as it does not want to act as a broker going forward. Additionally, it is also going to invest in its product, expand to new categories and new markets.

U.S. Treasury Yields Fall Slightly But 10-Year Rate Holds Over 1.5%

The United States Treasury yields fell slightly on October 7; however, the 10-year rate held over the 1.5% mark, as investors stayed focused on jobs data.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell less than a basis point to 1.516% at 3:45 a.m. ET, while the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond gave less than the basis point, falling to 2.069%. The yields move inversely to prices and 1 basis point is equal to 0.01%.

The monthly employment change report of ADP showed that private jobs increased by 568,000 in September. This was very well above the expected 425,000 new jobs and up from the August print of 374,000.

The attention of investors will now shift to October 8, when the nonfarm payrolls report will be published.

This information is monitored by the Federal Reserve, as it decides when to pull back its emergency pandemic stimulus measures, though the central bank has said it will look to close its bond-buying program soon.

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