? New York City’s Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Wants Bitcoin Paychecks

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New York City’s Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Wants Bitcoin Paychecks

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The mayor-elect tweeted on Thursday saying that he wanted his first three paychecks in Bitcoin.

While part of this decision was to match up to the Miami mayor Francis Suarez, who declared accepting his next paycheck 100% in Bitcoin, Eric Adams also wanted to express his hopes for New York as a crypto-welcoming space.

According to experts, both Adams and Suarez are keen to turn their cities into a hub for the decentralized currency space.

While Mayor-elect Adams has promised to investigate the factors slowing down crypto adoption in New York, Suarez has already supported the MiamiCoin project, letting people invest in crypto in the city.

Suarez also has plans to introduce Bitcoins for the city’s payroll and taxes, and one of the most well-known blockchain firms, Blockchain.com, has already shifted its US operations from New York to Miami.

DoorDash Introduces SafeDash, A Set of Tools for its Delivery Workers

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The toolset will include an option to contact the ADT Security company or call 911 through ADT.

While the option will come into effect to all DoorDash’s US couriers by the end of this year, it will first launch in selected major cities in the country, such as Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

The introduction of SafeDash will equip the delivery workers with a button to call an ADT agent when they feel unsafe.

The ADT agents will enjoy similar powers, whereby they can contact relevant authorities if the driver is not responding or something has gone wrong.

The delivery workers will have the additional power to skip a call during an emergency and have the ADT contact 911 directly.

ADT agency’s people can share the delivery person’s GPS location with the police to communicate with the Dasher through text.

The opinion on this provision is still fragmented as some believe that SafeDash won’t help solve the problem of Dashers getting attacked for their money or bikes.

However, there is another segment of people who believe it to be a good thing that DoorDash is ultimately acknowledging the dangers its delivery workers face.

Google Invests $1 Billion in CME Group

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In a signal deal between the CME Group and Google Cloud, the latter has announced plans to move CME’s futures and options markets to their cloud for ten years.

The deal has many components, and one of these components includes a $1 billion investment from Google into CME.

It is a complex deal, as CME is one of the companies with one of the strictest security, latency, and redundancy requirements.

According to Philip Moyer, the VP of strategic industries at Google Cloud, this deal shows that Google is fully committed to taking the necessary long-term journey to shift the financial services industry’s hardest elements to the cloud.

Uber Manages to Register $8 Million Worth of Adjusted EBITDA

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While Uber managed to record $8 million worth of adjusted EBITDA, it still registered net losses worth more than US$2 billion.

According to the third-quarter results, Uber’s gross bookings were worth US$23.1 billion, up 57% year on year.

The bookings resulted in a revenue of US$4.8 billion, up 72% YoY. The net loss was $2.4 billion, including a net headwind of US$2.0 billion, resulting from the company revaluing its equity holdings in other companies.

The unadjusted per-share loss for the company was US$1.28. In terms of business segments, Uber earned the maximum from its delivery business, US$2.238 billion, immediately followed by the mobility segment that earned US$2.205 billion.

The least revenue-earning segment was freight that pulled in 0.402 billion US dollars.

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