? Crypto Market Crosses $3 Trillion Market Cap for the First Time

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Crypto Market Crosses $3 Trillion Market Cap for the First Time

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With BTC, Ether, Solana, Polkadot, among other cryptocurrencies achieving all-time high prices, the global crypto market cap has clocked $3 trillion on 20th October, as per CoinGecko.

The current crypto market cap has breached its previous high of $2.62 trillion, which was achieved on May 12 this year.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin has played a crucial role in crypto market cap. Yet, Bitcoin dominance rate has dropped by 42.8% today, which points to the fact that other cryptocurrencies are slowly but steadily rising on the crypto market cap chart.

H20 Nabs $100 Million Series E to Make AI Adoption Easy for Enterprise Users

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H2O has raised $100M in Series E funding to double down on its effort to make it easier for enterprise users to adopt AI.

It’s Series E funding round values the company at $1.6 billion before funding. Post funding, its valuation is $1.8 billion.

The startup has benefited from increasing interest in AI-based services among enterprises. H2O’s Series E funding was led by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which is also its active customer.

The likes of Celesta Capital, Crane Venture Partners, Goldman Sachs, and Pivot Investment Partners, too, participated in the funding.

H20 will use the fresh funds to develop more products and increase its headcount to expand its cloud-based AI development platform.

Bots Account for 57% of all eCommerce-Related Cyber Attacks

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eCommerce industry is the top-most target of bot-based cyber attacks with 57% of all eCommerce-related cyberattacks involving bots.

In comparison, all industries other than eCommerce faced only 33% of bot-driven cyberattacks.

These findings were part of a report released by Imperva Research Labs after a 12-month analysis.

The report shines a light on how the eCommerce industry continues to remain the most affected by cyberattacks in 2021.

With the holiday shopping season near, supply chain-related challenges are exacerbating further. With this, experts predict that the number of eCommerce cyberattacks will continue to rise.

Zimbabwe Maybe the Next Country to Adopt Bitcoin as a Legal Tender

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Amid the rising demand for cryptocurrencies among Zimbabweans, authorities in the country have indicated that they are open to regulating them in the country.

As per recent news published by local media outlets in Zimbabwe, the government is looking into legalizing Bitcoin as a legal tender and also leveraging its impressive technology.

The current home secretary and head of Zimbabwe’s e-government technology department, retired Brigadier Colonel Charles Wekwete, has confirmed that they are currently discussing it with local businesses in the country.

Zimbabwe is one of the countries whose economy was ravaged by hyperinflation. In fact, the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe touched almost 800% in 2020.

The country again started using its currency – Zimbabwean Dollar – in 2019. But many Zimbabweans still fear that the beast of hyperinflation may return again after the launch of $50 Zimbabwean Dollar notes.

Thus, many crypto experts believe that adding Bitcoin to its accepted currencies would be a wise decision for the country to prevent itself from falling into the pit of hyperinflation again.

If Zimbabwe legalizes Bitcoin, it will join El Salvador among the list of sovereign countries to make Bitcoin a legal tender.

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