? Crypto DAO Raises Funds to buy a Copy of US Constitution

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Crypto DAO Raises Funds to Buy a Copy of US Constitution

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One of the early 13 prints of the US constitution is up for sale. Sotheby’s is conducting the sale and the auction will go live at 6:30 PM ET.

Of course, it will be priced at millions of dollars. As per some reports, the prices are likely to be more than $20 million.

Interestingly, ConstitutionDAO, a crypto DAO, is in the race to buy it. DAO refers to a decentralized autonomous organization.

ConstitutionDAO is open to anyone who wants to contribute funds and co-own a part of the history.

Due to the power of crowdfunding, the crypto collective has succeeded in raising $27 million, at the time of writing.

Instagram to Discontinue it’s Threads Feature

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Meta has decided to pull the plug on Instagram’s threads feature, which enabled its users to message each other through a standalone messaging interface. This feature is similar to Facebook messenger.

The threads feature will be discontinued by the end of this year. Meta’s focus, now, is on the cross-messaging capabilities of its various platforms.

Both Facebook & Instagram already support the cross-messaging feature and the company also plans to expand it to Whatsapp soon.

Robinhood Admits Losing User Phone Numbers to Hackers

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According to the trading app Robinhood, the November 3rd security breach to the platform has caused more damage than it had earlier estimated.

When it first reported the damage, the company did not report losing phone numbers to hackers.

It had rather reported losing five million customer emails, two million customer names, and some more details for around 300 customers, including zip codes and date of births. For only ten customers, the loss of information was “more extensive account details”.

But now Robinhood has said that hackers have got their hands on nearly 4,400 phone numbers. It still holds on to its assessment of not losing any other information, such as its users’ social security, bank account, and debit card details.

At the same time, the company is also analyzing “other text entries” in one of the compromised lists.

Seemingly, we would have to wait for more to get a complete picture of the breach as Robinhood “continues making appropriate disclosures to affected people.”

Airwallex Raises $100 Million

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Hong Kong and Melbourne-based Airwallex, a startup that has built a banking solution to provide cross-border financial services, has raised $100 million.

The infusion of capital was led by Lone Pine Capital along with 1835i Ventures and Sequoia Capital.

Airwallex plans to use the funds to expand its banking and payments business into more markets.

With the new funds pouring in, the valuation of Airwallex reaches $5.5 billion. As per the latest available information, the company has nearly 20,000 customers in e-commerce, tech/SaaS, and other professional services.

Additionally, it also caters to 500 large platform customers, including Papaya Global and GOAT.

As given out by the company’s co-founder and CEO Jack Zhang, the revenue of the company grew 100% in Q3 over Q2, with its annualized revenue for the most recent quarter being $100 million.

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