📜 The Last Privately Owned First Edition Print Copy of the US Constitution Did Not Go to the Constitution DAO

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The Last Privately Owned First Edition Print Copy of the US Constitution Did Not Go to the Constitution DAO

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ConstitutionDAO, an online group that had come together and pooled funds as a DAO to purchase the last privately owned first edition print copy of the US constitution, has failed in its efforts.

The group had raised more than $49 million in Ethereum donations from 17,437 backers who received governance tokens named PEOPLE.

These tokens did not imply ownership but empowered its holders with voting rights on proposals around the structure, governance, and operational direction of the platform.

An unknown bidder won the bid over the constitution copy at a bid price of $41 million, which went up to $43.2 million after adding the auction fees.

Well-known auction house Sotheby’s arranged the event for the last one remaining of the thirteen copies of the Official Constitution from the Constitutional Convention.

The group members felt disappointed after not being able to win the bid as it was not the outcome they had expected.

They will get a refund of their contribution via Juicebox, the community-owned platform for Ethereum-based projects through which the donations came in.

Facebook Decides to Pay Creators up to $50,000 to Use the Platform’s Live Audio Rooms Feature

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Meta is leaving no stones unturned to allure users from other platforms. It plans to spend a total of $1 billion by the end of 2022 on this effort.

While paying $50,000 to use Live Audio Room seems to pose a challenge to the audio app Clubhouse, it is also paying creators up to $35,000 to augment the position of Reels against Tik-Tok.

In its Live Audio Rooms payout, Meta offers anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 per session and a fee for guests amounting to $10,000 or more.

The creators would have to host four to six sessions, spanning a minimum of 30-minutes length. Among famous names, Miley Cyrus and comedian Sherry Cola have already appeared in the audio rooms.

Binance is Expected to Close Funding Round Worth Couple Hundred Million Dollars

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While speaking about the funding round, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, claimed to be still unaware of the exact amount, for which the confirmation will come in a month or two. The funds will go towards the United States branch of the exchange.

According to Zhao, top-level investors were interested in backing the exchange, and it is probable for it to go public in the months to come.

The news of Binance receiving funds converges with the overall crypto market witnessing an almost exploding growth, with companies like BitDeer going for multi-billion dollar acquisition and going public on Nasdaq.

Flipkart to Acquire Online Pharmacy Startup SastaSundar

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Walmart-backed Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart is planning to acquire online pharmacy startup SastaSundar.

The valuation of SastaSundar stood at $125 million during its last financing round in 2019. The startup works with nearly 500 pharmacies and has raised $48.2 million across several financial rounds.

Although Flipkart did not disclose the exact deal size, the $37 billion e-commerce platform is definite to acquire a majority stake in the startup for its healthcare vertical, Flipkart Health+.

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