? YouTube is Supercharging its Search Tools

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YouTube is Supercharging its Search Tools

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YouTube has plans to improve its in-app search feature by including new video chapters in search results.

The online video sharing and social media giant also aims to broaden its search capacity by expanding access to its multilingual content.

But the major change includes the video chapters. This was made possible only after YouTube rolled out automated chapter segmentation across all YouTube videos in July this year.

It enabled YouTube’s algorithm to single out key elements from each video to improve its user navigation.

With today’s addition of a new search element to YouTube’s algorithm, it is now possible for users to zero in on specific segments of every video clip.

This feature will enable YouTube users to find the exact part of the video they are searching for.

Poly Network Offers the Position of Chief Security Advisor to Mr. White Hat

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The Poly Network story keeps taking exciting turns with each passing day. A few days ago the decentralized finance protocol experienced a hack of $610 million that came to be known as the biggest defi hack ever in the history of cryptocurrencies. The hack happened on the 10th of August.

Subsequently, the hacker established communication with the Poly Network team through embedded messages in Ethereum.

The hacker agreed to return the funds, while Poly Network declared that the hack constituted ‘White Hat behavior’ and offered Mr. White Hat a $500,000 bounty.

In a recent update, the Poly Network team declared offering Mr. White Hat the position of the company’s Chief Security Advisor.

The Poly Network team also said that it was counting on more experts like Mr. White Hat and expressed its reliance on people like Mr. White Hat in building a secure and robust distribution system.

Although the hacker’s identity has not been made public yet, Chinese cybersecurity firm SlowMist made a declaration shortly after the news of the hack broke that its analysts had identified the hacker’s email and IP address, and device fingerprint.

Palantir Buys $50 Million in Gold

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Palantir, the data analytics software maker, has a surging cash pile stemming out of its stock sales.

In a move that has surprised many, the company has bought $50 million in gold bars.

The move is quite opposite to the trend of a growing company parking its cash in an unconventional asset, motivated by the economic situation driven by the coronavirus pandemic.

Companies like Tesla are choosing assets like Bitcoin, while Palantir has chosen gold. However, there is also the possibility that Palantir could invest in cryptocurrencies.

In August 2021, Palantir bought $50.7 million worth of gold in 100-ounce gold bars.

The company has decided to keep this purchase in a secure third-party facility, situated in the northeastern United States.

The arrangement dictates that the company would be able to take physical possession of the bars at any time with reasonable notice.

As a commercial entity, Palantir remains unprofitable. However, it completed a direct listing and debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2021.

The company has witnessed surging revenue for two consecutive quarters. 20 new customers joined in the fiscal second quarter.

The supply of cash in the company also grew, owing to its stock issuance and proceeds from the stock options exercises.

This is the cash that the company turned partly into gold to keep its asset base diversified.

Transportation Industry Finds Fewer People Than There are Positions

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There is a serious lack of applicants in the industry that can be collectively classified as transportation equipment manufacturing jobs.

The lack has got all the more prominent with the number of job openings in the sector witnessing quite a surge.

According to the latest available data, the number of job openings in the transportation equipment industry is up 14% from January.

While on one hand new hires have shot up 42%, applications are down 25%.

What is adding more to the gap is the fact that automakers, shipbuilders, aviation manufacturers, and parts suppliers are recruiting as many people as they can.

According to experts in the industry, the situation is much more of a hiring boom than a labor shortage.

As per the report, the positions are taking long periods to fill up.

While non-production positions are filling in an average of 45 days, production jobs are taking 57 days.


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