? Google Search Queries For NFT’s Have Soared

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Google Search Queries For NFT’s Have Soared

The keyword research data of Google proves that there has been rising interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as the traffic has outdone relevant search terms for several top ten-ranked crypto assets.

The interest in NFTs has significantly increased at the start of this year, as Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot and vintage Ethereum-based NFTs witnessed frenzied speculation, according to Google Trends.

Moreover, the NFT search traffic is currently dominated by Asian countries, with China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines topping the keywords’ search rankings.

Although, the trend initially appeared to have lasted for a short period- with the search volume decreasing by about 75% at the end of June.

However, the global searches for NFTs have continued to rise momentarily in July before entering into new highs at the end of October.

Ever since then, the traffic for NFT-related keywords has continued to increase on Google search, almost doubling over the last three months.

This increased interest has seen ‘NFT’ displaced several other keywords like blockchain, Ethereum, among others, that have dominated crypto-related search traffic for years.

JP Morgan Sues Tesla for $162 Million

(Image Source)

American banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co. has sued electric carmaker Tesla seeking a $162 million payment for warrants that had expired beyond their strike price.

According to the lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York, in 2014, Tesla sold warrants to JP Morgan that would pay off if their strike price was less than Tesla’s share price upon the expiry of the warrants in June and July 2021.

JP Morgan said that it had the right to adjust the strike price; however, it considerably decreased the strike price after Elon Musk’s August 7, 2018 tweet that he may take Tesla, private, at $420 per share and had ‘funding secured,’ however this decision was reversed, 17 days later.

But the share price of Tesla spiked approximately 10 times by the time the warrants expired, and JP Morgan alleged that it needed the electric carmaker to deliver shares of its stock or cash under the contract.

Tesla’s failure to follow the required proceedings has caused the banking giant to file a lawsuit.

Amazon Fined $500,000 For COVID-19 Violations

(Image Source)

Amazon has been ordered to pay a fine of $500,000 for not disclosing the number of coronavirus cases at its California workplaces to employees.

The news first reported by the Los Angeles Times said that Amazon has agreed to pay the fine and improve the way it tracks cases and keeps workers and local health agencies informed.

In addition, the tech giant should also notify its warehouse employees in California of the exact number of new Covid-19 cases in their workplaces when cases increase.

In a press release, Rob Bonta, California attorney general, said that the fine comes after a complaint was filed against the company alleging that it did not appropriately inform warehouse workers and local health agencies about the new Covid-19 cases.

The judgment, which applies only in California, requires Amazon to allow monitoring of its coronavirus notifications by the attorney general’s office for a year and also pay a $500,000 settlement that will go to enforce the state’s consumer protection laws.

Lucid Group’s Customer Bookings Surpasses 17,000 Since The End of Q3

(Image Source)

American electric vehicle manufacturer, Lucid announced that it has increased the number of customer reservations for the Air model to 13,000 during the Q3, and as of November 15, the bookings have surpassed 17,000.

The company announced these figures in its third-quarter financial results, which also included business highlights and updates about their future plans.

Lucid also confirmed its 20,000 vehicle production target for next year; however it agreed that there will be some obstacles to achieving those targets.

The company is taking measures to mitigate supply chain hurdles and has plans to launch less expensive versions of Lucid Air through 2022.

In terms of financial results, Lucid said that it has considerably improved its balance sheet and has approximately $4.8 billion in cash.

The company’s revenue in Q3 was $232,000, mainly from a battery deal with the Formula E electric racing league.

It will start recording revenue from vehicle sales and report details of its sales beginning for the fourth quarter.

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