? WhatsApp Rolls Out End-To-End Encrypted Chat Backups Globally

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WhatsApp Rolls Out End-To-End Encrypted Chat Backups Globally

Facebook has announced the rollout of end-to-end encrypted chat backups to WhatsApp for iOS and Android users globally.

This new feature will add an optional extra layer of protection to their iCloud and Google Drive accounts if users want it.

“While end-to-end encrypted messages you send and receive are stored on your device, many people also want a way to back up their chats in case they lose their phone,” the Facebook-owned messaging platform said in its post.

“You can now secure your end-to-end encrypted backup with either a password of your choice or a 64-digit encryption key that only you know. Neither WhatsApp nor your backup service provider will be able to read your backups or access the key required to unlock it,” the company added.

For creating an end-to-end encrypted backup, users have to first ensure that they are on the latest version of the app.

To create a backup, you have to go to Settings> Tap Chats> Chat Backups> End-to-End Encrypted Backup, and then you have to follow the prompts to create one.

Microsoft to Shut Down LinkedIn in China

Microsoft has announced that it would close down its LinkedIn operations within the Chinese market by the end of this year.

Announcing the news, the company cited a “significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China.”

Microsoft is among the latest U.S. tech giants to have reduced its ties in China after years of trying to customize its services to the demands of government regulations.

The company has said that it will replace its local platform in China with a new app called InJobs, a new standalone jobs application for China that will help Chinese-based professionals find jobs in China.

The platform will also help Chinese companies find quality candidates. However, this platform will not include a social feed or the ability to share posts or articles.

LinkedIn has around 50 million users in China, which is a relatively small portion of the country’s billion internet users, and its exit from the country is unlikely to have a large impact on Chinese internet users.

Space Perspective Raises $40 Million in Its Latest Funding Round

Space Perspective, a U.S.-based human SpaceBalloon startup, has raised $40 million in its Series A funding round.

The funding round was led by Prime Movers Lab and also included participation from new investors LightShed Ventures, E2MC, SpaceFund, the Explorer 1 Fund, Kirenaga Partners, Base Ventures, 1517 Fund, among others.

Notably, author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins also participated in the funding round.

Founded in 2019 by Poynter and Taber MacCallum, Space Perspective offers a different kind of experience.

Instead of sending customers to space on a rocket, which may not seem appealing to all customers, the company plans to offer rides to the stratosphere using a capsule attached to a large balloon.

The startup’s customers won’t experience weightlessness; however, they will get to see Earth against the blackness of space.

Additionally, the customer will also enjoy a leisurely, luxurious, prolonged ride that will last for about six hours from liftoff to splashdown.

Space Perspective will use the new funds to support its current business timeline to reach human commercial flight by 2024 and fulfill the regulatory requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Mexican President Rules Out Adopting Crypto as Legal Tender

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, has said that the country will not follow the footsteps of El Salvador by adopting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a legal tender besides fiat.

At a press conference on October 14, president Obrador, also known as AMLO, said Mexico must maintain orthodoxy in its financial management and will not modify its stand on crypto.

Earlier in June, this year, the Bank of Mexico and the National Banking and Securities Commission had issued a statement cautioning that financial institutions in the country were not allowed to carry out and offer virtual asset transactions to the public. However, the president has not frequently spoken directly on the subject.

The president was replying to a reporter who asked if Mexico is considering following the footsteps of El Salvador, where Bitcoin has been accepted as a legal tender since September.

AMLO added that while there have been several innovations in the financial space, Mexico should also be watchful of issues related to tax evasion.

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