? Apple Senior Manager Ashley Gjovik Faces Termination Over Allegations of Information Leak

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Apple Senior Manager Ashley Gjovik Faces Termination Over Allegations of Information Leak

After tweeting for months about harassment, workplace safety and surveillance, Ashley Gjovik, senior engineering program manager at Apple has been fired by the company.

Reacting to this termination, Ashley has expressed her disappointment on the fact that a company that she loved since she was a little girl ‘would treat their employees this way.’

As Ashley alleged, she faced bullying and harassment from her managers and her team.

She also raised privacy concerns with Apple’s policies on ways it could search and surveil employees’ work phones.

In early August, Apple placed Ashley on administrative leave, while it investigated some of Ashley’s concerns.

In response to the act of termination, Apple’s official response has highlighted the company’s efforts to ‘to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace.’ While it said that it took ‘all concerns seriously’, the company also decided ‘to not disclose specific employee matters.’

The Epic Vs. Apple Judgement Opens Up New Purchase Avenue on iPhone

The Epic Vs. Apple case has now been issued with a permanent injunction.

Under the new order delivered by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, iOS apps must have the necessary allowance to direct users to payment options beyond those offered by Apple.

Unless enjoined by a higher court the injunction will become effective from 9th December onwards.

However, the court also found Epic Games in breach of its contract with Apple.

Epic had implemented an alternative payment system in the Fortnite app.

Epic would have to pay Apple 30 percent of all revenue collected through the system in retrospect, with effect from the time the system was implemented. The sum would be more than $3.5 million.

Epic CEO has expressed his disappointment with the order. According to Tim Sweeney, the ruling is ‘not a win for developers or consumers.’

Facebook Would Buy $100 Million Worth of Unpaid Invoices

The commitment is a step taken by Facebook at supporting small businesses that women and minorities own. The step will benefit nearly 30,000 small businesses.

The initiative falls under the social media giant’s Facebook Invoice Fast Track program.

By buying up outstanding invoices, Facebook plans to directly put money in the hands of small businesses that would have had to wait for weeks otherwise.

To leverage the benefits of this program, businesses would have to submit outstanding invoices of a minimum of $1,000.

If accepted, Facebook will buy the invoice and pay them in a matter of days.

Subsequently, the customers would pay Facebook the outstanding invoices at the same terms that were agreed upon with the small business.

The program is expected to augment Facebook’s relationship and long-term loyalty among small businesses.

Many of these businesses use Facebook Ads to reach out to niche demographics interested in their services.

Bitcoin Miners Produce 700,000th Block

11th September marked a major milestone for Bitcoin as miners produced their 700,000th block.

It took Bitcoin less than two years to reach the 700,000th mark from the mark of 600,000.

When it reached its first 100,000th block, the price of BTC was less than $8,000. Now, it is worth over $45,500.

The mining of the 700,000th block is special for the network, as, since 2009, detractors have claimed its death 428 times.

Now, the digital assets market stands at more than $2 trillion, with Bitcoin occupying more than 40% of it.


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