? Alphabet Inc, Google’s Parent Company, Joins Microsoft & Apple in $2 Trillion Club

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Alphabet Inc, Google’s Parent Company, Joins Microsoft & Apple in $2 Trillion Club

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Alphabet Inc achieved a market cap of $2 trillion for the first time by late Monday. With this, Google’s parent company has effectively doubled its market cap of $1 trillion, which it achieved in January 2020.

But, at the time of writing, the current market cap of Alphabet Inc has decreased from its previous high and sits at $1.98 trillion. Its current share price is just above $2980.

The pandemic turned out to be a boon for the tech companies, including Google. Bolstered by increasing demand from users working remotely from their homes, Alphabet Inc’s third-quarter revenue crossed $65 billion.

Specifically speaking, the increasing demand for digital ads and cloud storage subscriptions contributed significantly to the rise of Alphabet Inc’s revenue.

In terms of revenue & profit growth, Alphabet Inc saw a jump of 41% & 69% respectively in Q3 2021.

With its market cap breaching the coveted $2 trillion market cap, Alphabet Inc had almost joined the exclusive club consisting only of Microsoft & Apple for a brief period.

Yelp’s New Feature Will Make it Easier for Users to Find Local Restaurants

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One of the most popular crowdsourced local business review platforms in the United States, Yelp, is rolling out a new feature. The new feature will enable its users to see visual content from local restaurants on their feeds.

With this feature, Yelp’s users will see visual content like photos of popular dishes, other user posts related to the restaurant, and any direct posts from the restaurant itself on their feed.

As for which restaurant’s visual content will appear on the user feed, it will depend on multiple factors like the restaurant’s location, their popular dishes, among others.

Any restaurant that uses Yelp Connect will benefit from the increased reach of its content. This new feature will initially launch only on iOS devices and will be available across 150 cities in 25 states.

Four Crew Members Return to Earth From the International Space Station on SpaceX Capsule

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For the third time, SpaceX has brought back crew members from the International Space Station under its contract with NASA.

This time, SpaceX brought back a crew of 4 after their six-month-long stay aboard the International Space Station.

The crew members were brought back to earth on the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Among the crew members, there were two American astronauts from NASA, one Japanese astronaut from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, and a French astronaut from the European Space Agency.

Welcoming back the crew to earth, SpaceX control announced: “On behalf of SpaceX, welcome home to planet Earth.”

Collibra Nabs $250M & Effectively Doubles Its Valuation

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Data is the lifeline of modern businesses. That being said, it is quite difficult for a business to access the exact data at the time of their need. After all, their data is spread across multiple points, making it harder to access when required.

Collibra aims to solve this problem with a plethora of tools that will make it easier for businesses to access and analyze their data.

To fuel its expansion and development of its suite of products and services, Collibra raised $250 million in Series G at a post-funding valuation of $5.25 billion.

With the successful Series G funding round, Collibra’s valuation has more than doubled. In its Series E funding round, the Belgium-based company had raised $100 million at a valuation of $2.3 billion.

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