? Brave Launches Built-in Crypto Wallet Into Its Browser

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Brave Launches Built-in Crypto Wallet Into Its Browser

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Brave, the browser maker who pioneered the Brave Attention Token (BAT), has announced the launch of its native cryptocurrency wallet in its web browser.

The company has replaced its existing wallet that was based on the MetaMask wallet extension and has rolled out a dedicated built-in wallet right into the browser.

This move will enable most of the blockchain users to fulfill their basic needs as they can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies; keep track of their transactions; store NFTs, experience the magic of Web3, and much more.

Brave said the new built-in wallet will consume fewer CPU resources as compared to MetaMask and will be less prone to phishing or attempts to steal NFTs.

The wallet, which seems to work mostly with the Ethereum or Ethereum-based blockchains can be accessed by clicking on the ‘wallet’ button available on the browser itself.

The feature is currently available only on desktop browsers; however, the company plans to launch an app version soon for mobile devices.

Instagram Launches New Feature to Support Content Creators

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Instagram has announced the launch of its ‘Badges’ feature, which will give viewers a way to and support content creators on Instagram Live.

The feature, which was in a pilot phase for more than a year on an invite-only basis, will now allow any eligible creators on the platform to apply for the feature.

After getting accepted, viewers will be able to purchase ‘badges’ during a Livestream and support a creator monetarily.

Viewers can purchase the badges from Instagram at prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99. The revenue generated from these purchases will go back to the creator (after any fees).

This move of Instagram will provide a means to give financial support to streamers in the app. Additionally, it will give viewers a way to highlight their comments, which can provide a reason for streamers to acknowledge them and interact.

While the feature is now widely launched in the U.S., users have to meet some criteria to have their viewers start buying badges.

Creators should be a resident of the country, be over 18 years, have a creator account, and have at least 10,000 followers, and also meet Instagram policies and guidelines.

Report: Over 25% Aussie Crypto Users to Purchase Crypto-Related Gifts This Christmas

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According to a recent survey by Crypto.com, more than one-fourth of Australian crypto users are planning to use digital assets as a part of their Christmas presents this holiday season.

The survey report discloses that 26% would like to buy crypto-centric gifts this holiday season. The survey included 2,020 Australian crypto users in the age group of 18-59 years.

Further findings suggested that about 53% of the respondents who are planning to buy crypto-related gifts would consider buying crypto-assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum as gifts.

Among other crypto-related gifts, 41.8% of Aussie respondents have plans to buy crypto vouchers as gifts this Christmas, followed by crypto books with 35.5% of respondents saying they will gift crypto books to their loved ones.

More interestingly, about 29.2% of those planning to buy crypto-centric gifts are considering buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as NFT arts, Axie Infinity gaming tokens, NBA top shots, among others, as gifts.

Social Commerce Platform Facily Raises $366 Million

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Facily, a Brazilian-based social commerce marketplace, has raised $250 million in its Series D funding round. With this, the company has raised over $366 million across four different rounds in the last year.

The Series D funding of Facily was led by DX Ventures and German-based Delivery Hero, along with Citius as co-anchor investor.

Earlier, the startup raised $63 million in its Series C round led by Glade Brook. The round also saw participation from Tiger Global Management and Hill House.

The series B funding of $41 million was led by Luxor Capital and also saw participation from Founders Fund and many other previous investors.

Facily raised $12 million in the Series A round, co-led by Quona Capital and Monashees and also included Canary and other partners. Tru Arrow participated in all the funding rounds.

Founded in 2018 by Diego Dzodan, Facily focuses on low-ticket items, delivering great prices and differentiated logistics to lower-income neighborhoods.

The startup had not announced any of these fundings, which were raised over in the past 12 months, and now it plans even more funds that would push its valuation of becoming a Unicorn.

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