? SpaceX to Acquire Swarm Technologies

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SpaceX to Acquire Swarm Technologies

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Swarm Technologies is a small-satellite data provider with around 30 employees and a network of 120 tiny satellites.

On August 6th, this small-scale startup filed its proposal to the Federal Communications Commission asking for the shift of ownership of its satellites and antenna licenses to SpaceX.

Once the acquisition is realized, Swarm Technologies will become a fully-owned subsidiary of SpaceX.

For SpaceX, the acquisition of Swarm will help in deepening its entry into the world of consumer electronics.

As per Swarm’s official declaration to the Federal Communications Commission, the acquisition will help SpaceX by opening up its access to Swarm’s intellectual property, expertise, and resourceful team.

Swarm Technologies was founded in 2016 to offer ultra low-bandwidth data services through its tiny sandwich-sized SpaceBEE satellites.

TechnoPro Acquires Robosoft

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Robosoft Technologies is an India-based producer of digital solutions, whereas TechnoPro is a Japanese IT services firm. The latter has decided to acquire the former for a price of $108 million.

Founded by Rohith Bhat, Robosoft started as a software services firm in 1996. At first, its specialization was on the Mac Platform.

Subsequently, it started offering app development as a service. It was one of the first few firms to win Apple’s certification as a developer of macOS.

While Ascent Capital and Kalaari Capital backed the firm with funding, it served clients across a spectrum of industry verticals, including games, news, sports, utilities, and lifestyle.

Later, Robosoft expanded its services to the more intricate areas of product advisory, and tools for design, engineering, and analytics.

Some of its most noted clients included media stalwart Viacom and McDonald’s India. However, from 2017 onwards, Robosoft aimed to position itself as a full-fledged digital solutions company.

Even after the acquisition, the current management team of Robosoft will continue to lead the firm.

Rohith Bhat, who is also the managing director of Robosoft, has expressed his satisfaction at being acquired by TehnoPro, which is a global player and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

A Cheaper Version of Youtube Premium is Up for Testing

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YouTube has brought in a cheaper version of its Premium services, called YouTube Premium Lite, for chosen users to test out in countries like Finland, Norway, and Luxembourg.

It costs 6.99 Euros, nearly half of YouTube Premium’s 11.99 Euros per month.

To compare the features of these two versions, YouTube Premium comes with many other features apart from an ad-free viewing experience.

These features include offline downloads, YouTube Music perks, and the ability to keep a YouTube video playing in the background while another app is open.

But, the YouTube Premium Lite does not offer anything else other than helping you get rid of ads.

LinkedIn Introduces Native Video Meeting Option

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LinkedIn has rolled out a native video-meet option within its messaging platform.

Users can access the option through the ‘Create Video Meeting’ option within LinkedIn’s chat window. However, they can shift to other video providers as well if they choose so.

LinkedIn’s native video meeting option has several enticing features. For instance, its native video chat UI makes it convenient to connect at the moment to enhance the discussion.

It offers LinkedIn-specific profile information for each user, displayed at the bottom of their video screen.

This provision makes it easier to quickly get the proper context on who’s speaking, based on their LinkedIn profile bio.

LinkedIn has been trying to actively push its video meeting provision wherever applicable with new prompts within chats, such as, ‘ready for our video meeting?’


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