? Tesla Reports Third Quarter Sales With 241,300 Deliveries

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Tesla Reports Third Quarter Sales With 241,300 Deliveries

Elon Musk’s Tesla has delivered a better-than-expected 241,300 cars worldwide in the third quarter, a record for the electric-car maker.

The deliveries of third-quarter topped the expectations as analysts had predicted Tesla would sell around 220,900 electric cars during this period.

In its report, Tesla said that it produced 237,823 cars in the period ending September 30, 2021. Of that, 228,882 were its Model 3 and Y vehicles, its more affordable mid-range offerings. The rest of production amounted to 8,941 of its Model S and X vehicles.

Quarterly deliveries of electric vehicles are one of the most closely watched indicators for the performance of Tesla.

They are also broadly seen as a measurement of consumer demand for electric vehicles amid a shift from petrol and diesel engines.

With the global chip shortage causing a major setback to the auto industry, these delivery numbers of Tesla are not only impressive but eye opening, speaking about the EV demand trajectory that looks quite robust for Tesla as it heads into Q4 and 2022.

Leena AI Raises $30 Million in Series B Funding

New York-based HR startup, Leena AI, has raised $30 million in its Series B funding round.

The funding round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners and also saw participation from existing investors- Greycroft and B Capital Group.

This latest funding round brings the startup’s total funding to $40 million and will help the company expand its innovative products to meet global demand.

Leena AI is an autonomous conversational AI-backed platform that facilitates businesses’ better employee experience.

The platform is a powerful and flexible tool that helps resolve and answer employee queries with its advanced technology.

With Leena AI, companies can eliminate the need for HR staff to work on tasks such as knowledge management, answering policy-related questions, generating employee documents on demand, and managing employee tickets.

The startup has witnessed 300% year-over-year revenue growth.

With its latest funding, the company plans to expand its AI-powered human resources management platform, as well as launch new products, enter new geographies such as North America and Europe, and hire fresh resources for marketing and sales.

IMF Recommends CBDC And Global Crypto Standards For Financial Stability

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a set of actionable policies for the emerging markets and developing economies to guarantee financial stability amid global crypto adoption.

The IMF considers the crypto assets as a potential tool for faster and cheaper cross-border payments, referring to the dramatic increase in the value of the crypto markets despite the bearish trends from May 2021.

In its report, the IMF attributes high returns, transaction costs, and speed, and reduced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards as the key drivers for crypto adoption.

To tackle the resultant financial stability challenges due to increased trading of crypto assets, the IMF suggests that:

“Policymakers should implement global standards for crypto-assets and enhance their ability to monitor the crypto ecosystem by addressing data gaps. Emerging markets faced with cryptoization risks should strengthen macroeconomic policies and consider the benefits of issuing central bank digital currencies.”

Apart from CBDC issuance, the IMF also recommends “proportionate regulation to the risk and in line with those of global stablecoins.”

In addition to CBDC implementation, de-dollarization policies will help governments tackle macro-financial risks.

Facebook Messenger Launches Cross-App Group Chats, Further Integrating With Instagram

Facebook has deepened its integration with Instagram by introducing a new feature that allows people to import their contacts between Messenger and Instagram and do cross-app group chats.

This new feature is part of the latest updates launched for Facebook Messenger. However, the company says that users will have the same level of control over who can contact them.

With this feature, you can easily start group chats between your Instagram and Messenger contacts. Moreover, the cross-app chats will also have all the customization features like chat themes and custom reactions.

In addition, the company has introduced polls in Instagram DMs, building off the poll feature that already exists in Messenger.

Furthermore, Messenger is also adding a group typing feature to group DMs — regardless of which app you’re chatting on, helping users see when their friends are typing at the same time.

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