? Data Breach Alert! ? Godaddy’s User Data Compromised, Hackers Steal User Email IDs & Passwords

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? Data Breach Alert! ? Godaddy’s User Data Compromised, Hackers Steal User Email IDs & Passwords

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The SEC received a report from Godaddy recently, informing the agency about a hacking incident that targeted the web hosting giant.

As per the disclosure, the hack resulted in the compromise of email addresses & passwords of over a million users.

The data that was compromised belonged to Godaddy’s current & previous managed WordPress customers.

Godaddy mentioned in its disclosure to the SEC that the hackers found a way into their provisioning system that handles automatic configuration of new sites.

They found out about the hack on 17th November and took steps urgently to lock out the hackers from their system.

DoorDash to pay $5.3 Million ? to Settle the Labor Dispute

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A new state law passed in 2020 allowed companies like DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft to treat their workers as independent contractors, and not as employees. But it was struck down by a Judge in August, saying that it is unconstitutional.

Before California’s gig workers law was passed, allegations were made against DoorDash that the company did not provide its 4500 delivery workers in San Francisco city with healthcare & paid sick leave.

Now, to settle the allegations, DoorDash has agreed to pay $5.4 million to the city of San Francisco. These funds will go to the delivery drivers that worked for DoorDash between 2016 and 2020.

Armed With Fresh Funding ?, Pokémon Go Founder Decides to Enter the Metaverse Space

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Do you remember the Pokémon Go game? It is one of the most popular mobile games ever. It was so successful that within the first month of its release, Pokémon Go touched $200 million in revenues.

The craze behind Pokémon Go has come down considerably now, but it is still quite popular. Statista’s report indicates that in January 2021, Pokémon Go had over 800,000 daily active users.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, is now planning to develop a real-world metaverse. For its next mission, the Pokémon Go developer has raised $300 million recently at a valuation of $9 billion.

The Pokémon Go developer plans to develop their metaverse to bring people closer to the real Pokémon world.

Amid Rising Oil Prices, the  United States ?? Will Collaborate With Other Countries & tap Into its Strategic Oil Reserves ?

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Amid the sudden surge in oil consumption globally, there has been a record rise in oil prices.

To control the price increase, the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Korea, and Japan have decided to release a part of their strategic oil reserve in coordination with each other.

The United States will release 50 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves. 64% of these reserves will be released over the coming months.

The rest of the release comes from the accelerated sale of reserve that was already authorized for the sale.

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