? Amazon Denies Bitcoin Rumors!

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Acceptance of Bitcoin Payments is Not Imminent, Says Amazon

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Despite its interest in the crypto space, Amazon does not have any imminent plans to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment.

The company categorically stated its position while responding to speculations around its “specific plans for cryptocurrencies.”

At the same time, the company reaffirmed its focused position on exploring what cryptocurrency payments could look like for Amazon shopping customers.

The speculations, however, did not rise out of thin air. Recently, Amazon posted a recruitment notice seeking applications for the Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead position.

These speculations around Amazon’s apparent adoption of crypto payments had an impact on the crypto market as well.

After the job posting came into the public domain, City AM, a London-based financial paper reported plans, obtained from a ‘company insider, of Amazon being ready to accept Bitcoin as payment within this year. Prices of Bitcoin shot up by 14.5 percent after these reports were published.

Tesla Registers Ten-Times Annual Growth With More than $1 Billion Net Income in Q2, 2021

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Tesla has announced its second-quarter earnings and it has all the reasons to rejoice. Surpassing the mark of $1 billion for the first time, the company has reported $1.14 billion in GAAP net income this quarter.

In Q2 2020, the GAAP net income of Tesla was $104 million. The revenue for the automotive sector came in at $10.21 billion, with a gross margin of 28.4%. None of the earlier four quarters saw this high a margin.

Apart from the Automotive sector, the identity Tesla is the most famous for, the company collected $801 million in revenue from its energy business and $951 million from services and other revenues.

The energy business witnessed quarterly growth of 60%. It comprises solar photovoltaics and energy storage systems for homes, businesses, and utilities.

Housing Boom is Over as Home Sales Go Below the Sales Figure Registered in June 2020

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June 2020 reports suggest that the housing boom is over. While in May 2020, the market witnessed single-family home sales of 724,000, in June 2020, it was 676,000, 6.6% lower on a monthly basis.

On an annual scale, the drop was even further. In June 2020, the sales figure was recorded at 839,000.

Following the supply-demand dynamics of depleting sales, the inventory of new homes for sale reached a 6.3-month supply in June from a 5.5-month supply in May.

During the last fall, the inventory was even much lower at a mark of just 3.5 months. The drop in new home sales went against the expectation of the analysts.

In June, they were expecting sales to increase by 3.4%. Although, the prices went up as expected. The price of a newly built home in June 2021 was 6% higher than that recorded in June 2020.

Despite being a significant annual growth, 6% was still too low compared to the 15%-20% annual gains recorded in the months earlier.

A year of high purchase traffic has resulted in double-digit price gains, and that’s what has led to lower sales despite the demand still being there.

Industry experts believe that there is another reason why the prices have gone up. The construction costs have shot up significantly.

To recover their investments, builders are catering to the higher end of the market, taking affordable homes away from potential buyers.

Jeff Bezos Offers $2 Billion Discount to NASA for the Lunar Lander Contract

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The fight for ‘space’ is heating up. Last year, SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, won the human lunar landing system contract. This time Jeff Bezos desperately wants to win it.

Bezos has made an enticing offer of a permanent waiver to the tune of $2 billion in contract payments for the first two years if NASA incorporates Bezos’ Blue Origin’s Blue Moon lunar lander to a key phase of the agency’s Human Landing System program.

It is the program that calls for landing the first humans on the lunar surface in decades. Moreover, Bezos has also announced plans of self-funding a Blue Moon test launch to low-Earth orbit. According to estimates, this effort would cost hundreds of millions.

All concerned parties are now looking forward to the Government Accountability Office’s imminent ruling on a formal protest of NASA’s award to SpaceX, filed originally by Blue Origin this spring.

According to a NASA spokesperson, the agency is aware of Bezos’ proposal. However, he did not make any further comment, keeping the integrity of the ongoing process in mind.


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