? Elon Musk Cites ‘Last Minute Concerns’ in Delayed Tesla Software Launch

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Elon Musk Cites ‘Last Minute Concerns’ in Delayed Tesla Software Launch

A planned rollout of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.2 software version to roughly 1,000 Tesla owners with “perfect” safety scores was delayed by the company.

Informing about the delay, CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “A few last minute concerns about this build. Release likely on Sunday or Monday. Sorry for the delay.”

The news comes a year after Tesla began beta-testing the software version, and just days after Musk announced FSD would be rolled out to 1,000 drivers with perfect safety scores of 100- as determined by the company on October 9.

The company will gradually release the software to drivers with scores of 99 and below after that.

Contrary to its name, the software does not allow Tesla cars to drive themselves. It offers assistance on highways and city streets but requires driver supervision at all times.

Musk didn’t provide detailed information on what last-minute concerns had caused the delay; however, he said that the software will likely be released on Sunday or Monday.

Service Intelligence Platform Aquant Raises $70 Million

U.S.-based service intelligence startup, Aquant, has raised $70 million in a Series C funding round.

The funding round was co-led by Qumra Capital, Insight Partners, and Pitango Growth. The funding round also saw participation from previous investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and Angular Ventures, along with new investors Schneider Electric Ventures and Claltech.

Founded in 2016, Aquant aims to revolutionize how enterprises use data to generate insights and share them across teams to improve performance.

The platform achieves this by using technologies like Artificial Intelligence to gather, organize, and analyze data to improve decision-making.

The startup currently serves some of the biggest companies in their respective industries including Siemens Healthineers, The Home Depot, 3D Systems, among others.

Aquant will use the fresh proceedings to support its rapid growth and expand use cases as it strengthens its position as the service intelligence leader in every market.

Additionally, the startup will add new engineering and client services positions in the US, Europe, and Israel to accelerate its global expansion.

The funding will also contribute to the continuous development of Aquant’s AI technologies.

PDQ.com Acquires SimpleMDM to Expand Support to Apple Device

PDQ.com, a Windows IT management company, announced that it has acquired SimpleMDM, an Apple device management platform. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

The transaction marks the expansion of PDQ’s Windows-based software management products into Mac and iOS software management and reinforces PDQ’s position as one of the industry’s most versatile and valuable solutions for systems administration.

PDQ.com provides over 19,000 organizations with Windows software deployment and inventory reporting through their top-rated software management platforms, PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.

PDQ aims to make managing its solutions as convenient as possible where users can download pre-built packages, target specific machines, and deploy them according to their schedules.

SimpleMDM allows system administrators to manage Apple devices and applications with a single intuitive, powerful cloud interface. The platform is utilized by businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals

With the acquisition of SimpleMDM, PDQ.com will expand its ability to support both Windows and Apple-bases devices while adding more than 3,000 customers to its community.

Facebook Loses Over $100 Million Through Two Outages in a Week

Days after suffering one of the longest outages in its history, Facebook suffered a second shorter outage on October 8, raising concerns the company had been hacked.

The social media giant’s other apps including Instagram and WhatsApp, also went down for about two hours before the services were restored.

In a tweet announcing the apps had returned, Facebook didn’t offer any specifics about why they went down.

However, on Monday, when the company faced an outage, it said that a routine test of its routers and fiber-optic network went bad and instead shut off access to some of Facebook’s data centers.

Their lack of ability to connect remotely to those centers forced the company’s engineers to head there in person, prolonging the problem.

Overall, the company’s apps faced outages for nearly nine hours this week. When measured by the company’s last quarterly earnings, it makes about $13 million an hour- meaning the two outages must have probably cost it more than $100 million in lost revenue.

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