? Google Allegedly Offered a Better Deal to Netflix Over Playstore Fees

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Google Allegedly Offered a Better Deal to Netflix Over Playstore Fees

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An antitrust lawsuit filed against Google and its Play Store by the state attorney general reverberated the battle between Epic and Apple, and their new documentation underlines how and why Google’s app store is in the same boat.

During the trial of Apple with Epic, it was revealed that the tech giant attempted to keep Netflix from taking off its subscription option from the iOS app by offering better terms. It also appears that Google had the same problem.

A document from the possible lawsuit claims that several services including, Netflix, Tinder, and Spotify, wanted to get around Google Play Billing, with Netflix wanting to use an alternate payments system.

The complaint also asserts that Google offered to take a significantly less revenue share percentage from Netflix in an attempt to make the video streaming service happy.

While there are limited details in the lawsuit, it does indicate that Google went through the same troubles as Apple when it comes to Netflix.

Iconic Cryptopunks NFT Collection Achieves Record $1 Billion in Sales

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CryptoPunks, a 10,000-strong collection of Ethereum-based NFTs, surpassed $1 billion in sales on August 28.

The non-fungible token project Cryptopunks is now a billion-dollar NFT collection as statistics show all-time sales at $1.095 billion.

Cryptopunks is just below Opensea ($3.54B) and Axie Infinity ($1.68B) in terms of all-time sales.

Cryptopunks are now so valuable that the cheapest one sells for $445,000. And the prices of Cryptopunks are rising quickly.

There are almost 10,000 Cryptopunks minted, and about 2,888 unique wallets hold at least one Cryptopunk NFT.

One entity owns a total of 254 punks, and 75% of punk owners own at least two Cryptopunks.

The project’s sales across last week have increased by 750%, as Cryptopunks saw $144.6 million in sales among 343 traders.

In the years since, the Punks have jumped in value, in part as they’re one of the oldest collections of their kind.

Moreover, in terms of all-time sales, Cryptopunks $1 billion value is well above the rest of the projects listed on dappradar.com.

Nomura Offers Pizza And Pasta For Tradable Crypto Tokens

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Nomura, one of the biggest brokerage firms in Japan, has started to offer subscriptions to a luxurious Italian food delivery service.

Customers of Nomura, an affiliate of Japan-based Nomura Holdings, can use security tokens to buy and trade dishes as their value fluctuates.

The menu for the delivery service includes pumpkin ravioli, corn, and chicken tortellini, and asparagus pizza.

Owners of the tokens will be able to trade them from next year under current plans.

The industry for tokens that gives customers the rights to underlying assets is still emerging in Japan, while Nomura expects it to grow as the market becomes more widely accepted.

Nomura says it wants to grow the digital asset market and is currently offering security tokens for assets such as corporate bonds and real estate in Japan.

The security tokens can be any kind of tradable asset including, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc., and can offer dividends in multiple forms.

While a security token is the combination of an actual asset and cryptocurrency, both these attributes must be taken into consideration for determining the value of the asset.

YouTube Theater Now Open in Hollywood Park

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Just months later, with the coronavirus pandemic subsiding, the Google-owned video platform is now embracing live entertainment like never before.

YouTube has partnered up with Hollywood Park, a near 300-acre mega-development in Inglewood, California, to host a massive live venue.

The initial flurry of events for YouTube Theater will fall in the months of September, October, and November.

The “YouTube Theater” will be a three-story, 6,000 seater arena for performances that range from traditional concerts to the type of events you’d associate with its namesake.

The idea is to create an intimate environment for fans and artists, while also allowing them to be streamed.

YouTube Theater could become a major venue for corporate functions, with the linkage back to YouTube’s app and tools providing additional capacity to maximize reach with your programming.

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