?‍♂️ Amazon and Microsoft Fight Over (Another) Government Deal

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Amazon and Microsoft Fight Over Government Deal

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Microsoft and Amazon are fighting over a government deal for the second time. This time the contract comes from the National Security Agency, whereas another long-drawn battle fought earlier was over the Defense Department’s JEDI cloud services contract, worth $10 billion.

Coincidentally, the National Security Agency contract this time is also over $10 billion in potential value, and it is seeking services to shift away from on-premises servers to a commercial vendor.

Amazon Web Services has already won the contract, and Microsoft is about to file a protest with the GAO or Government Accountability Office.

Microsoft alleges that the NSA, which is pursuing a Hybrid Compute initiative to hold on to its intelligence data while meeting its processing and analytical requirements, has not conducted a proper evaluation in choosing its provider.

The GAO will declare its decision on Microsoft’s claim by 29th August this year.

Facebook is Introducing Audio Chats to its Dating Service

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Facebook Dating, the social media giant’s native dating service, is introducing some new features to make it more useful and popular.

Audio dates are going to be one of the most significant additions, where a user can start an audio conversation with somebody the user’s profile matches with.

Another feature, named Match Anywhere, would allow setting up a maximum of two additional places in Facebook Dating, where a user can look for potential matches.

The third feature in the list of new additions is called Lucky Pick. Leveraging this feature, daters can consider other compatible candidates outside their set preferences.

Singapore-Based Logistics Startup Raises $20 Million

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Parcel Perform is a Singapore-based logistics tech startup that connects merchants with e-commerce carriers. It also offers shipment tracking services. It also offers tools to create additional touchpoints after the checkout to create higher brand loyalty.

The startup has recently raised $20 million from a group of investors led by Cambridge Capital and complemented by SoftBank Ventures Asia, Wavemaker Partners, and Investible.

Parcel Platform supports more than 30 languages to offer the most personalized experience to customers.

CLV or Customer Lifetime Value of businesses has witnessed a 40% rise on the platform. In terms of its performance in numbers, Parcel’s revenue grew by 5-times since the pandemic began.

Its global network of service delivery executes more than 100 million parcel updates each day, integrating itself with more than 700 carriers.

According to one of the co-founders of Parcel, the newly infused funds will be used to scale up in Asia and Europe, open a regional office in North America, and increase the headcount.

Poly Network Hacking May Result in the Biggest Cryptocurrency Theft Ever

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Poly Network is a platform that aims at connecting different blockchains. Hackers exploited a loophole in the network, and according to estimates, more than $600 million has been stolen.

As per the official response posted by Poly Network on their Twitter handle, this theft is the “biggest one in DeFi history.”

According to the researchers of a security company assessing the damage, the hackers have transferred $610 million worth of cryptocurrency to three different addresses.

Poly Network has urged crypto exchanges to blacklist tokens coming from these three addresses. Already, $33 million worth of USDT has been frozen.


Disappearing Messages in Signal: Signal, the encrypted chat app, will allow setting up a default timer to delete chats for both the sender and receiver after a set amount of time passes.

⚖️ BitMEX to Settle for $100 Million: BitMEX, the crypto derivatives exchange, has agreed on paying up to $100 million to settle a case filed by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN.

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