10 Public Notion Templates You Can Magically Copy

Browse through the best Notion templates available online.

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Notion is one of the fastest growing productivity apps to ever launch. The hardest part is getting started. Once you’re fully on board, it’s a game changer. I launched Notion Pages to help new users get inspired by all the possible use cases.

Here are 10 Notion app templates you can copy directly into your Notion workspace. Please follow these instructions to easily clone Notion setups.

1) ✍️ Journal

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Thank you to Kat!

2) ? Daily Log

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Thank you to Joey Banks.

3) ? All-in-one DB

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4) ? Personal Wiki

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5) ? Simple

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Thanks Maas and Darshil.

6) ?‍? Curriculum

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7) ?‍? Personal Homepage

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8) ? Public Roadmap

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9) ✍️ Bullet Journal

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10) ? Life Wiki

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Discovery more Notion templates at Notion Pages.

Share your Notion set up here. Get help with your Notion here.

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Guest Post by Ben Lang

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