BLOG: 4 Ways to Energize Your Virtual Meetings

Does it seem like you spend half your day attending virtual meetings for work? By now, you might have noticed some virtual presentations are more energized and exciting than others. But it might be hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that sets one virtual meeting apart from the next. Now let’s […]

5 Ways to Build Great Team Culture

When you hear “team culture,” your mind probably goes right to the culture of your own corporate team. If you’re lucky, you have a positive association with this term. But let’s say your first thought is, “Yikes, our team culture could use some work.” What is team culture? Consider this: your team culture is made up […]

BLOG: 6 Tips for Creating Content That Spreads Naturally

Guest Post by Janet Aronica We’ve all been there — you hit publish on a blog post and expect the social shares, page views, and agreeable comments to start rolling in. But sometimes you get pure silence (or crickets 🦗) in response. Using social media and content to market your business isn’t a new concept, so […]

BLOG: Improve Your Live Presentation with These 5 Tips

We all set out with the best intentions for devoting our full attention to a live presentation. Then before we know it, that attention gets lost among the many distractions that consume us. Shorter attention spans as a result of social media, quick mobile access, and easily digestible content, makes getting and keeping your audiences’ […]