A 1Password Upgrade Makes It Easier to Store Details Attached to Your Crypto Wallet 🔓

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A 1Password Upgrade Makes It Easier to Store Details Attached to Your Crypto Wallet 🔓 

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The upgrade introduces itself as an item in the Crypto Wallet. It has some easy-to-fill-in fields under the password manager segment.

The details you need to furnish relate to your wallet address and recovery phrase. The introduction of this item would help save time with new sections as they would be readily formatted for the primary information you need to store.

Additionally, the upgrade is also supportive of Phantom’s Crypto Wallet. It holds Solana-based tokens.

Having a subscription to 1Password implies that – as a user – you would get prompted to tie your Phantom wallet password, address, and recovery phrase to the password manager seamlessly.

Transfers of NFTs On Ethereum Grow 📈, While the Supply of WBTC Stalls

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These findings are as per the key findings noted in CoinMetrics’ latest State of the Network update. The purpose of this update was to ascertain the growth of ERC-721 transfers over stablecoins and altcoins.

The numbers show that the NFT transfers crossed an average of 50,000 per day since late July last year. Numbers have grown to an all-time high of over 300,000 now, implying a 600% surge from July.

On the other hand, the volume of altcoins and stablecoin transfers has steadily decreased since July. While the transfers of altcoins witnessed a dip from 42,000 to 30,000 per day, the reduction in stablecoin transfers was from 24,000 in July to 18,000 in February.

As far as the popularity of Wrapped Bitcoins is concerned, it witnessed a daily transfer number of 110,000 on July 9th.

Subsequently, it went up to 557,000 on November 3rd. But the growth has reduced substantially since then and has now plateaued to a little above 230,000 daily transfers at present.

AI-Powered Universal Speech Translator to Become Meta’s Future Killer App 📱

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Meta’s new research project aims at introducing translation software that would work for everyone in the world.

To achieve this objective, Meta would deploy specific, innovative machine learning techniques. The deployment would cater to two broad areas: i) building AI models that can translate a language using fewer training examples, and ii)building systems that can directly translate speech in real-time without a written component serving as an intermediary.

As of yet, the researchers have not specified a specific timeframe for the completion of these projects.

Apart from removing the barriers of language and ensuring seamless communication throughout the world, the translator would also help Meta’s products worldwide, including wearable devices like AR glasses and products relating to “immersive” VR and AR reality spaces.

Niyo Raises US$100 Million 💰

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India-based Niyo is a consumer-facing neobank platform. It has plans to use the newly infused funds in enhancing its service line by adding lending and insurance products to its offerings.

Accel and Lightrock were the investors to lead the latest financing round, while existing firms, such as Prime Venture Partners, JS Capital, and Beams Fintech Fund, also participated.

The total funds raised by the platform in its six years of being active in the market stands at $150 million.

The existing service line of Niyo involves offering digital savings accounts and other banking services to high net individuals with large salaries. It collaborates with banks and makes the delivery experience more modern and expansive.

Additionally, the platform also has a wealth management product. It helps investors to leverage opportunities in mutual funds and domestic equities efficiently.

So far, the platform has managed to garner a user base of 4 million customers across its banking and wealth management products. It adds more than 10,000 users each day and processes $3 billion of transactions in an annualized timeframe.

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