Accountability Breeds Success

Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • The team (everyone but me) really screwed it up. (Responsibility)
  • I’ll get it done later. (Procrastination)
  • I had a horrible day at work. (Negativity)
  • I can’t decide. (Indecisiveness)
  • It sounds too risky/scary. (Fear)

These are our default settings.

These are the settings that protect our psyche and ego.

Coincidentally, these are also the settings and behaviors that stop us from achieving what we actually desire.

  • The new job.
  • The promotion.
  • The move to a new place.
  • The decision to start our own business.
  • The trigger to get ourselves to level up.

All of these default settings stop us from truly succeeding in life.

What’s the fix?


Accountability is a crucial tool for success.

It keeps you focused, but most importantly it keeps you both externally and internally aware, because you start to understand that your own brain, is stopping you from doing most of the things you want to do.

Because whatever your excuses are.

Whatever your situation is.

There’s someone else in this world, who was in the exact same position, with the exact same circumstances who was accountable to themselves and did the thing you don’t want to do.

And were successful at it, in the long run.

Accountability breeds success.

There is no option for one without the other.

Accountability prompts action, whereas making excuses allows for complacency.

You’ve just lived through one of the hardest years of many people’s lives.

Create the life that you truly want, professionally or personally by attacking each setback with accountability, and understand that literally any end result, you want in life is always “brick by brick” and “step by step”, away. | @ScottDClary

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