INTERVIEW: Samantha Mckenna & Amy Volas | A Masterclass In Modern Sales | SSP Interview

For More Episodes Visit: Amy Volas: Amy Volas is the Founder and CEO of Avenue Talent Partners. In her 20-year career, she’s closed over $100 million in sales serving in various sales roles —from spearheading national accounts for ZipRecruiter, Gild, Indeed and Yahoo! to exceeding expectations at Jacobson and DataTrend. Today, she applies her […]

BLOG: 4 Tools Your Next Remote Event Needs to Succeed

It’s pretty difficult–or dare we say, even impossible–to run a successful remote event without the right tools backing you. Some of the tools you need depend on the type of event you’re running and how you want to interact with your audience. That being said, there are a few core pieces every remote event needs to succeed. […]

BLOG: Unlearn Your Assumptions

UNLEARN your assumptions. When John Legere became CEO of T-Mobile, he listened in on customer service calls for three hours, every single day. The CEO of a 45 billion dollar telecom giant. Could he have asked his front-line managers? Yes. Could he have asked his product teams? Yes. Could he have engaged customer success? Yes. […]

BLOG: Which CX Metrics To Add To Your Marketing KPIs

Guest Post By Mark D. Hall Metrics are your marketing scorecard, which is why you need to ensure you’re tracking the right ones Metrics are the ‘scorecard’ of your digital marketing work. When these metrics, also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), are moving upwards, you’re winning the marketing game. When they’re trending downwards, you’re […]

BLOG: Convert Customer Frustration Into Conversion

Guest Post By HP Morgan A single bad review can have a huge impact on your business, which is why customer service is key. A customer journey map can help improve conversion Are you facing issues while trying to provide a stellar customer experience? The onus is on the businesses to rectify this situation quickly […]

BLOG: 21 Sales Training Games, Activities, & Ideas to Ramp Up Your Team

Guest Post by AJ Beltis There are nearly 15 million salespeople working in the United States, and they spend weeks or even months training for success in their role. Given the different responsibilities, industries, and team structures salespeople encounter, it’s hard to recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to sales training. Your reps need to learn and retain all […]

5 Ways to Use Live Video Integration for Your Next Virtual Event

Have you considered using live video integration for your next virtual event? If you’re not sure how or why it’s a great option, read on! The benefits of virtual events Rather than canceling their events entirely, more and more businesses are turning to virtual options instead. And there are plenty of good reasons for doing […]