BLOG: 4 Ways to Energize Your Virtual Meetings

Does it seem like you spend half your day attending virtual meetings for work? By now, you might have noticed some virtual presentations are more energized and exciting than others. But it might be hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that sets one virtual meeting apart from the next.

Now let’s say you’re the one hosting a virtual meeting. Try as you might, you can’t seem to keep your audience energized as the presentation goes on. But we’ve got good news! It’s easier than ever to organize energized virtual meetings with Swift technology on your side.

Our favorite ways to energize virtual meetings

Today, we’re going to discuss some tools and tricks to use in your next virtual meeting to keep everyone energized as you go.

Start off strong

When you start your meeting off with a bang, it sets the stage for the rest of the presentation. It’s also important to begin on a positive note. Can you start by celebrating the completion of a project or another success?

Another option is starting the meeting by highlighting a particular team member. Ahead of your meeting, you can have team members enter the name of a team member who has worked particularly hard or gone above and beyond. Begin your meeting by giving this team member a shout-out before you get into the rest of your content.

When meeting attendees are mentioned and included, they’re much more likely to stay engaged and focused during your meeting.

Offer an icebreaker

Another way to get attendees energized and engaged is by offering them an icebreaker. Create a poll (this takes just a minute) on a fun or interesting topic. Meeting attendees can vote and see results in real-time, allowing for further engagement and bonding over the results.

Create a quiz

When you include a quiz in your next virtual meeting, it serves a variety of purposes.

Not only does it allow you to gauge your audience’s interest and knowledge level on a particular subject, it also calls for their attention and focus.

You can also let attendees know at the beginning of the meeting there will be a quiz at the end. This encourages them to pay closer attention to the content. Up the ante by adding a prize for the winners. You can also display results in real-time on your leaderboard to add a competitive element to the quiz.

To participate, your attendees can scan a QR code, text their responses, or click a link to access the quiz.

Our quizzes come with several other handy features, including:

  • A quiz timer
  • Custom graphics and branding
  • Image and video based questions
  • Text responses
  • Full automation

Let your audience interact with you

There’s nothing quite like a Q&A session to keep any presentation exciting. Not only do they give you as the meeting host the opportunity to interact with your audience, but they also offer a streamlined, efficient way to collect audience questions and comments.

From press conferences to lectures, brainstorming sessions, virtual meetings, and more, Q&A sessions help you engage your audience no matter the format.

We also know you’ve got a lot on your plate preparing for virtual meetings, so we’ve made it as simple and straightforward to increase audience interaction as possible. Your first Q&A can be set up in a few clicks, and before you know it, your meeting is more energized and interactive than ever.

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