BLOG: Unlearn Your Assumptions

UNLEARN your assumptions.

When John Legere became CEO of T-Mobile, he listened in on customer service calls for three hours, every single day.

The CEO of a 45 billion dollar telecom giant.

Could he have asked his front-line managers?


Could he have asked his product teams?


Could he have engaged customer success?


He knew that any information he received from anyone else in his company would be condensed into a clean report, filled with succinct data points, key takeaways, metrics, suggested deliverables and action items.

He knew this wouldn’t be raw, real and authentic.

He knew he had to go to the source to get unbiased, unfiltered and uninterpreted customer feedback.

What’s the take away?

Unlearn your assumptions.

Challenge the way it’s been done.

Go to the grassroots source to find the information.

Only then will you understand the truth of any matter, be it in business, news, life.

Take nothing for granted, and always challenge the status quo.

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