“Can you jump on a call after dinner tonight?”

As a leader you need to wake up and be aware.

There is an unnatural power struggle which plays out every single day when you ask anyone in your team, or company to do anything.

When you text after hours, ask for little favors, create unreasonable expectations.. this all impacts your staff.


For some reason, many leaders forget this fact, the second they move up the ranks and graduate from their entry level positions and move closer to that ivory tower, they become reflections of what they hated the most when they started at the company.

Be aware, because your actions as a leader always have an impact.

Most importantly on the psychological safety and wellbeing of your staff.

Do not fall into the trap of being leaders of times past.

Be better — be the leader you needed when you started out.

Be aware of the power your wield, the influence you brandish.

Make employees feel safe and respect them not just as professionals, but as people.

The company & the world will be a better place for it.

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