Chris Pan, Founder of My Intent Project | Finding Success & Happiness | SSP Interview

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In his 30s, Chris Pan has accomplished a lot for his age. He worked as a Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Co, followed by two years as a marketing director for PepsiCo. He then spent four years working at Facebook. While he was there, Mark Zuckerberg took an interest in learning Chinese and recruited Pan to help.

Chris has a unique and powerful combination of hard skills having consulted for Fortune 100 CEOs at McKinsey and working with Mark Zuckerberg, combined with soft skills to help connect people from their head to their heart, their purpose, their passion, and their intention.

Following a traumatic breakup, he realized money and status do not offer the fulfillment and love he really wanted. He then started deep inner work for the past 7 years including the MyIntent Project, which has helped millions of people have meaningful connections through finding their intention.

Chris Pan is on a mission to bring spiritual and emotional wellness to those who need it the most with his jewelry line, MyIntent. Through high school and college, he led his youth group and was a motivational speaker. After college he was led to pursue financial security and status, studying at Harvard Business School, working at Facebook and retiring at 35.

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