Court Puts Epic vs. Apple Ruling on Hold ⚖

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Court Puts Epic vs. Apple Ruling on Hold ⚖

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An appeals court has reversed a September ruling that required Apple to open the App Store to external payment processors.

With this decision, the tech giant can still maintain its IAP system as the only source of in-app payments on iOS, regardless of the district court’s earlier ruling that the exclusive arrangement is illegal.

The ruling, which was issued on December 8, does not reverse the earlier ruling; however, it puts enforcement on hold until the appeals court can fully hear the case, a time-consuming procedure that may take months.

Remarkably, the court’s ruling does not extend to the second part of the injunction that deals with user communications outside the iOS.

In particular, the court had ordered Apple to allow communicating with its customers through points of contact obtained voluntarily from customers through account registration within the app. This order will remain unaltered by the ruling.

Additionally, Apple will also have to be in line with its agreement with the Japan Fair Steering Commission, which imposed similar limitations on iOS outside the context of the Epic case.

Twitter is Playing Around With a New Content Warning Feature ?

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Twitter is testing a new feature of adding content warnings to photos and videos in tweets.

The micro-blogging platform announced the feature with an instructional video in a Twitter post on December 8.

Previously, Twitter only allowed users to add content warnings to all their tweets, but the new feature will let users add categories and content warnings to separate tweets.

Moreover, users can also see a flag button when they edit an image or video, and when they choose the category and send the tweet, the photo or video will be blurred out with the content warning.

Any other user who comes across such tweets will be provided the option to view it in full or just scroll past the tweet.

In addition to the content warning test, the company is also changing the way it handles problematic and abusive tweets reported by its users, with an aim to bring a more ‘human-first’ approach and improve the quality of tweets flagged by users for hate speech, misinformation, etc.

Huge Increase ⬆️ in Investors Preferring Cryptocurrency Over Stocks 

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According to a new survey by CivicScience, an increasing number of investors now prefer investing in cryptocurrencies as compared to stocks.

The survey carried out by consumer data aggregator CivicScience found that while 76% of the survey participants were of the opinion that they were more likely to invest in traditional stocks, 24% of the participants preferred investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, among others.

Out of 3,700 survey respondents, the number of participants who said that they would more likely invest their money in cryptocurrency than traditional stocks increased by 140% in just five months.

The latest survey results indicate that the percentage of investors who prefer investing their money in cryptocurrencies over stocks has increased from 10% in June 2021 to 24% in November.

Moreover, the percentage of people who favor investing in stocks has fallen from 90% to 76% over the same period.

Overall, the survey results show that there has been an increased mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a growing number of businesses are accepting cryptocurrencies for payments.

Crypto Executives Demand for Regulatory Clarity From the Congress

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Executives from six major cryptocurrency companies including, Coinbase and Circle, have requested the U.S. Congress to provide clearer regulations for the booming crypto industry and have warned that tougher rules would push their businesses overseas.

While speaking at the “Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of Financial Innovation in the United States,” on a December 8 hearing, Paxos CEO Chad Cascarilla, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, Stellar Development Foundation CEO Denelle Dixon & Alesia Haas, Bitfury CEO Brian Brooks, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the chief financial officer of Coinbase and CEO of its U.S. subsidiary, briefed the U.S. lawmakers about the challenges their businesses faced as both stablecoin issuers and digital asset exchanges.

The top executives said they would welcome regulatory clarity, which will ultimately help the crypto industry expand, as imposing stricter rules on the industry could be counterproductive.

They added, saying that the rapid growth in the crypto sector emphasizes the appetite of investors for digital assets and should be supported with transparent regulations rather than subdued.

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