Discover Your Writing Genius: 8 Tips for Doing Your Best Work in 2020

Guest Post By Caroline Forsey

As marketers, it can be difficult to continue to produce high-quality content when we don’t feel creative or inspired.

And it can be especially challenging when we’re on a tight deadline.

Henneke Duistermaat, writer and founder of Enchanting Marketing, knows the feeling well — as she describes it in her latest infographic, we often believe writing simply means creating “great stuff”, when in reality, it entails research, multiple revisions, messy first drafts … and even time for procrastination.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can implement to relieve the pressures of writing, get outside your comfort zone, and befriend your inner critic.

If you’re in a writing slump or looking for some inspiration, take a look at Henneke’s hand-drawn infographic to learn 8 tips for creating your best work.

How to Discover Your Writing Genius

Guest Post By Caroline Forsey

Caroline Forsey is the manager of HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, and is passionate about all things related to reading and writing. She also loves to travel and spent the year after graduation teaching English in Thailand. Check out her website or say hi on LinkedIn.

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