Do YOU want to be noticed on LinkedIn?

Here are 5 hacks and tips to help you build the best possible profile and get noticed by customers OR job recruiters.

1. Picture

Stop hiding your picture. Clear, cropped, bright lighting. Show your best self

2. Headline

Tell me exactly what you do. Throwing in titles that don’t mean anything will only confuse recruiters. Explain your job or your career in plane english.

3. Summary

This is your time to shine. Think of this as your cover letter to the world. You can teach so much about yourself in a few sentences. Do not put this in the third person — we all know you wrote it.

4. Content

Post MINIMUM once a week. Even better, once a day. Post things that you care about. Stop being selfish — you have a moral obligation to teach what you know and live to the world. Make us better with your insight.

5. Engage

Stop being creepy and lurking. Engage, promote, leave a comment, like a post. Remember the law of reciprocity. What you do for others… they will feel psychologically compelled to do for you. At the VERY LEAST respond to comments on your own content.

600 Million people are on LinkedIn.

Only 1 million post per day.

The opportunity is huge.

Start now.

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