Dormant Bitcoin Wallet ? Holding Bitcoin Worth Over $15M Activated After Eight Years

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Dormant Bitcoin Wallet ? Holding Bitcoin Worth Over $15M Activated After Eight Years

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An old dormant bitcoin wallet holding millions of dollars worth of bitcoin has come out of dormancy.

The wallet has 321 bitcoins, and with the currency market rate, it is worth $15,103,046 compared to the $6,594 it was when the wallet was last activated in 2013.

Despite having what is considered to be life-changing money, the dormant bitcoin wallet, which was not transacted for years due to some reasons, has come out of dormancy.

The bitcoin wallet has 321 bitcoins, and after more than eight years the value of the bitcoins has appreciated almost 2,300 times.

In the current year and last year, many dormant bitcoin wallets from 2011-2013 have become activated, holding tens of millions of dollars worth of bitcoins.

However, the bitcoin community is still curious to know who owns the wallet and why it has just come out of dormancy.

Some crypto enthusiasts believe that it could be a whale- an individual or group having a large stash of bitcoin- who are looking to shake the crypto market.

? Hackers Steal $150K Worth of Crypto From NFT Project ?

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People who were hoping to buy a limited-edition NFT from Justin Kan’s NFT platform Fractal, a new marketplace for game item NFTs, faced an expensive shock when it was revealed that a link was sent through the project’s official Discord channel was a scam for stealing cryptocurrency.

The NFT platform’s Discord sent out a scam link to more than 10,000 users of the platform, asking them to pay up for a new NFT.

The message promising users getting access to 3,333 commemorative NFTs was designed to celebrate the platform’s success and linked to a scammed site with the URL. that swapped an “i” for the “l”. This took users to a minting site where funds were taken, and the users earned nothing in return.

From the scam, hackers made off with about $150,000. The scam took place even before the company even launched its platform.

However, Fractal has announced that it will pay back users saying, “Our announcements channel was compromised earlier today, pushing a fraudulent mint link. If you lost your Sol – we will reimburse you. We will announce further updates soon.”

Nikola Agrees to Pay $125 Million in Settlement Agreement With the SEC ⚖

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Nikola, a manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles, has agreed to pay the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) $125 million to settle charges of defrauding investors by misleading them about its products, technical capacity, and business prospects.

The SEC accused the automaker of violating US securities law with several misleading statements made in 2020 about the company’s products and its future financial prospects.

Earlier this year, Trevor Milton, the company’s founder, and former CEO was arrested on charges that he wrongly portrayed Nikola as close to releasing a functional product.

According to the SEC’s order, “before Nikola had produced a single commercial product, Milton embarked on a public relations campaign aimed at inflating and maintaining Nikola’s stock price.”

“The order finds that Milton misled investors about Nikola’s technological advancements, in-house production capabilities, hydrogen production, truck reservations and orders, and financial outlook,” added SEC.

Nikola, which went public in June 2020 by merging with a SPAC, had cautioned investors its fine was likely. And now, the company has to pay $125 million in five instalments over two years to settle the charges.

BGA Report Says NFT Gaming Generated $2.32 Billion ? in Third Quarter

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According to a report published by the Blockchain Game Alliance, NFT games generated $2.32 billion in revenue in Q3 2021, representing 22% of total NFT trading volume industry-wide.

The report also says that the number of wallets relating to gaming activity increased by 2,453%, from 29,563 during the first week of 2021 to 754,000 in the third quarter of 2021.

The report also found that metaverse-related activity has become very popular as several companies are getting into the metaverse craze.

During the first half of 2021, the growth was mainly driven by virtual land sales that hit US$42.6 million.

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