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Here’s a collection of resources that I’ve found most useful and I’ve used over my career. Full disclosure, I’ve entered into partnership/affiliate agreements with most of these companies, but these are products and services, I’ve tried, tested and used myself. For full disclosure, please see this page.
Trust me, I’ve had to weed out A LOT of junk.
Required Readings / Personal Amazon Store – Here are books that I’ve personally enjoyed, or have been written by guests on the Success Story Podcast. These are all great reads, and as we all know – leaders are readers. Aim to always have a book on the go, be it audible, coles notes or hardcopy.

Personal Amazon Store

CRM/Martech – If you’re starting any sort of business, you’re going to have customers. A strong, user friendly CRM/Martech tool is key to keeping yourself sane, your life organized and your business on track. Hubspot does it all.


Website Hosting – If you’re looking to start out on your own entrepreneurial journey, everything starts with a website. I’ve partnered with two web hosting powerhouses to get you started (either choice is stellar)



Website Creation – To start a business you need to have a website. Making a beautiful website may be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s some “done for you” design tools so that you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting!

Elegant Themes

Proxy / IP – The ability to be anywhere in the world, connect to local services while traveling, here’s some of the best tools to give you global access.

IP Vanish

Small Tasks (Marketing, Sales, Admin, Technical) – These sites are also making the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs easier, allowing you to post freelance jobs in case you need a short-term hire.




Podcast Hosting – Content is king… but where do you start? Podcasting is a great way to create content , focused on delivering insights and expertise to your target audience. This is a great place to start setting your personal brand, or your business apart from the rest.


Media, Ads & PR – PR helps you get massive reach through the biggest media outlets. You can reach millions in a single blast or properly placed article. Here are some resources that get your brand or business in front of all the right eyeballs.

Linking News

Copywriting / Content Creation – The ability to write is so integral for anyone in business or otherwise. Writing compelling emails to clients, contracts, website copy or social mdia posts. Here’s some tools to make writing a little less daunting.


Email Marketing – Powerfully-simple email marketing software. Build your email lists, send beautiful emails, and connect with your audience faster than ever before

Get Response


SEO – It doesn’t matter how incredible your business is, if no one can find it! SEO is incredibly important so that your customers can find you!

SEM Rush

Monster Insights

SEO Power Suite

Credit & Risk Management – Your business is your baby. Protect what you’ve built from any bad actors and malicious intent. Here’s some tools to safeguard your largest investment.

Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reporting

Courses & Learning – Leaders are readers. Here’s the best ongoing education in all aspects of life. Learning doesn’t stop after highschool or university… that’s really when it all starts.



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