Fiverr Launches New Personalized Discovery Features ? Like Pinterest

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Fiverr Launches New Personalized Discovery Features ? Like Pinterest

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Online freelancing marketplace Fiverr is unveiling a new feature that will allow users to engage with a regularly updated feed of visual content to give an experience within the mobile app for visual discovery and ideation.

Dubbed as ‘Inspire,’ the Pinterest-like mobile experience feature is specially curated for users to discover freelancers on the marketplace.

The feature will help inspire new projects as users can interact with the content by ‘liking’ it in their content feed and adding it to the list or mood board within the app for a later reference.

This new feature will also allow users to find a range of services that may be valuable for their business or project needs.

The content that appears in the feed is tailored based on the latest searches and purchases of users on the platform.

The company says that by utilizing native endless exploration, users will be exposed to highly personal and relevant content.

In addition, they will also gain exposure to content that can harmonize with what they have seen previously.

BlockbusterDAO ? Aims to Raise $5 Million ? For Starting Streaming Services

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A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has been established with the aim of purchasing the American-based video rental services provider – Blockbuster from Dish Network and converting it into a streaming service platform.

The investors, via a DAO named BlockbusterDAO, are planning to raise over $5 million by selling BlockbusterDAO non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for 0.13 Ether.

In a Twitter thread, Blockbuster DAO said, “Our mission is to liberate Blockbuster and form a DAO to collectively govern the brand as we turn Blockbuster into the first-ever DeFilm streaming platform and a mainstay of both the Web3 brands and products, but a powerhouse in the future of the film industry.”

Currently, the DAO comprises around 9,000 netizens on Twitter and a Discord server who discuss how they can achieve their goals.

If a purchase is successful, BlockbusterDAO will convert Blockbuster into a decentralized movie (DeFilm) streaming studio.

In addition, the DAO aims to develop their NFT presence for additional fundraising that will help support them buying movies.

Apple Watch ⌚ Patent Shows The Digital Crown Might be Removed For Optical Sensors

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On December 29, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a new patent application from tech giant Apple that shows a possible future Apple Watch may be equipped with an optical sensor replacing its current digital crown.

Currently, the digital crown feature in the Apple Watch integrates as an electrical heart rate sensor allowing users to measure the heart rate. Hence, if the digital crown is removed, optical sensors will take the command in the Apple Watch.

The optical sensor feature will be able to read user gestures as a form of input, and it could also be used to measure heart rate, blood oxygenation level, respiration rate, blood pressure, and much more.

The newly granted patent is titled ‘Watch with optical sensor for user input,’ and it shows how the company uses the sensors as user input.

By removing the digital crown, it can make the Apple Watch more durable as it can free up space for other components like sensors and bigger batteries.

TikTok Tops as The Most Downloaded App ⬆️ on Christmas Day ?

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Short-video-making app TikTok has topped the charts for the most downloaded app on Christmas this year, according to mobile data and analytics company App Annie.

TikTok topped the daily download chart across Google Play and iOS globally on December 25.

The app led the chart ahead of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, and Snapchat.

Facebook Messenger and Telegram are ranked six and seven respectively, as more consumers continue to prefer using encrypted messaging service platforms for communication.

In addition, App Annie’s report reveals that Brain Story: Tricky Puzzle was the most downloaded game on Christmas day.

It was followed by Poppy Rope Game and Subway Surfers on the second and third rank, respectively.  Free Fire, ROBLOX, Oil Tanker Truck Driving Games have also been featured in the top 10 list.

In 2021, TikTok also surpassed Google and Facebook as the most popular website of the year.

TikTok, which is owned by Bytedance, has more than one billion active users globally, and it looks like the number will continue to grow.

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