How to Find Leads for Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an innovative social platform for professional people looking to connect with others. As well as finding potential jobs, looking for potential employees to recruit and learning more about people you’re about to meet, LinkedIn is also useful for finding new leads for your business.

Search for related keywords

People who have some form of interest in your business are more likely to follow up and do something positive. This is a much more painstaking way of finding leads for your business, and requires some careful thought and time, but it pays off well if you do it properly. Somebody who has spent many years working in the same industry as you could be a valuable connection.

Use images

It is scientifically proven that people are more interested in something which has images or videos. We are much more likely to click on something online or stay longer on a webpage if there are pictures and other colorful things to keep us occupied. Since businesses on LinkedIn are now able to tailor their posts to reach certain groups of people, it’s even easier to target the people you need.

Create a call to action

Doing something which makes people want to sign up will not only create a valuable mailing list for you to use in the future, but it also forces people to engage further with your LinkedIn page. Give away a free e-book on something which relates to your business, or host a competition with a grand monetary prize or other gift up for grabs.

Tailor your messages

You can create custom messages to be sent to certain groups of people on LinkedIn. This means that you can tailor and customize the message exactly as you please, using the wording of your choice to try and attract your target audience to click a link, message you back or sign up to your newsletter.

Explore the LinkedIn groups

You will find like-minded people in LinkedIn groups – a platform which allows people to come together and discuss a particular topic or a range of topics relating to a broader subject. You should never post links to your website on groups without any message or background and without already establishing yourself within the group. This can take time to build a presence and reputation within the groups of your choice, but it will certainly pay off in the end.

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