How to Find New Employees on LinkedIn

LinkedIn markets itself as the best place to find quality, professional employees for your job listings. In most cases, youíre going to have better luck if you are hiring for a professional-level salaried job than if you are hiring people for hourly or unskilled positions.
As a business and employment service, this is their focus. They want to help open up opportunities globally as their mission is to, “connect professionals so they can be more successful,” and they try to design their platform with that in mind.
Develop a Targeted Company Profile
This is your first job when you’re going to use LinkedIn to find employees. Get your entire business profile set up so that you answer as many questions as possible before they apply. Remember, the information you give will weed out poor choices and bring in the right choice if you give your target audience plenty of thought and consideration as you create the profile.
Ensure Your Contact Information Is Up to Date
Whether a job listing or your profile, double-check to ensure that your contact information is up to date and your email systems are working. That way, you wonít miss any important information from potential candidates.
List Each New Job Offer
When you have a new listing, get it posted on LinkedIn. When you post your job right on LinkedIn, you give that network you have an opportunity to see the job first, and then you have a place from which you can share the job from and collect job applications.
Use Your Network
Ask your network for recommendations for any new job posting. After you post it, share it to your feed as a status update, asking for your network to tag or recommend this job to potential candidates or to give you their information if they know they’d be great for the job. Seek to build your network so that you have more choices.
Search For and Verify Candidates
Search for potential candidates using the right keywords for your industry, the job, and other information regarding the position you are trying to fill. Keep the requirements for the position handy, so you can search their resumes and information for those qualifications. Don’t forget to look at their network too because, as they say, birds of a feather stick together. You may find other potential candidates in that way.
Communicate with Candidates 
When you believe they may be right for the job, if you found them through search, reach out to them via email to find out more. Using InMail (which is LinkedIn’s email system and enables you to send messages to people you are not connected with), reach out and contact them. Keep your messages to the point as you’re not permitted that much space.
Engage with Candidates and Others
As you search for and receive information from potential candidates, start engaging with them and others. Don’t forget to engage with former candidates, employees, and others if you still consider them quality prospects. Even if they aren’t interested, they may know someone who is.
Finally, post status updates regularly that talk about your company, how great it is working there and if possible, profile some of the people who work with you now by asking them to tell their story of getting the job.

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