How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website from LinkedIn

Whether you’ve just started up a business and create a website, or you’ve been running one for several years but have began a big push towards getting more traffic, there are various channels that you should utilize. Social media platforms are a great way to encourage people to visit your site, and it doesn’t have to cost you much money either. Using LinkedIn to get free traffic to your website is one of the common ways to make the most of social media and save your company money on advertising.

Create a profile for your company/website

As well as having your own personal profile on LinkedIn, you should create a separate one for your business. Not every company uses LinkedIn to advertise, so you are already at an advantage in terms of having less competition to deal with. A brief but interesting ‘About’ section ensures that people instantly get some information about what you do and who you are. Use the banner slot to make your logo noticeable and memorable. A good idea from a design aspect is to have something unique to LinkedIn printed on the banner which allows people to view your business as unique and personal.

Include links to your website

You should include a link to your website in the ‘About’ section of the profile page, but you should also link to your website when you post or when you visit other groups and pages. This doesn’t mean that you should spam other posts and pages, but it does mean that you shouldn’t be afraid of pushing your website where appropriate. If you have some solid advice to pass on to somebody via a LinkedIn group, and then you can also share some further information from your website, most people will be glad to receive this.

Stay active on LinkedIn

Most people won’t visit a website the first time they see it being advertised on social media. However, the second time around they are more likely to click on the link, especially if they are part of the target audience. The more active you are on the site, the more likely it is that people are going to see your posts. Aside from just posting more to your own business page, you should also interact with other people and businesses in LinkedIn Groups, a community platform.

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